Agile Roles Overview

Team Lead, Scrum Master (Scrum), Team Coach, or Project Lead
Acts as the coach responsible for facilitating and guiding the team, obtaining resources when required, and removing impediments that keep the team from doing their work. The Scrum Master role often encompasses the soft skills of project management more than planning and technical skills, which are often left to the team as a whole. It is important to note that this person is not necessarily the team’s manager. Rather, this role should reflect knowledge and responsibilities over rank.

Team Member
Responsible for the project’s creation and delivery. The team members will normally be comprised of developers, QA, and documentation. They are responsible for planning, design, development, testing, and project delivery.

Product Owner (Scrum), On-Site Customer (XP), Active Stakeholder
Represents the voice of the customer and is responsible for the prioritized backlog and maximizing the return on investment (ROI). Part of this role’s responsibility includes documenting user stories or requirements for the project.

Represents a broad category of people who can be users, managers of users, operations, support, Portfolio Managers, other Agile teams with dependencies, executive team, investors, and more.

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