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Stress Management for Students

The education field is becoming more and more stressful; along with is increasing competition and a race to prove yourself the best. The stress levels are increasing so high that it has started affecting the wellbeing of the students. Looking after the children who are pursuing higher studies and even in for the ones who are still in school is becoming a challenging task for parents as well. This is because the expectation at both ends is increasing day by day. No one wants to be a loser and hence the stress levels to prove to be the best are increasing eventually.

Below are listed some tips to overcome the stress and make studies a smoother process:

Time management: Some students manage their time quite well and give sufficient time to study and to their hobbies, sleep, chilling around with friends and family. You must have noticed students who are l managers are not found much stressed. Every student is different from a different capacity. But we all agree that we all need change to be more productive. So students need to give some time to other activities of their choice as well and there is no need to leave the rest of the things aside just because you are preparing for your entrance or higher grades. Make a time table suitable to you and make room for other things as well without fail. This will give you relaxation and increase your concentration and efficiency. Set a goal for yourself to finish a particular chapter in a given time frame so that you do not run out of time when the exams are approaching and you are thorough with the full portion.

Be organized: Being organised for preparations will give you peace of mind and confidence that you are having all the required information, notes, etc for preparation and you will not have to run out searching for books or information on the net. Apart from that keep your things in an organised manner in one place so that you do have to search around for things. Make a habit to put all your study material in one place and not to leave at whichever place you were studying. Whatever time table you have made keep on the soft board or the table so that you are motivated to stick to it.

Good environment:  The study room or the place you are studying should be neat and clean and clutter-free. If you have a bed near your study make sure it is without wrinkles and the bedclothes are kept properly. If you are fond of music keep some nice soothing music on to make you feel at peace and relaxed. You might feel how come all this helps to be stress-free. But if the things around you are organised it is pleasing to the eyes as well as the mind. A cluttered room with things lying here and there will give you a very negative feeling and at times when you are stressed out, you will feel more stressed looking at the mess. Do not wait for your parents or housemaid to clear the mess for you make it a habit to do it yourself, trust me it will make you feel better from inside

Meditation: Meditation is getting more and more popular day by day due to its manifold benefits. It is a blessing and works as a medicine to release stress for students. Spend around 15 to 30 mins doing meditation and reading some positive things as your time table permits. It has scientifically proved that meditation increases concentration, reduces stress, improves your patience, helps to get rid of anger and anxiety, and much more. Though it might seem to be difficult for some initially but with practice, it will become easier for you to concentrate.

Practice Visualisation: This is another science that does miracles. Visualising your success and achieving your goals will program your mind to move towards success. This technique will motivate you to work harder and keep your mind in a positive frame of mind always. It is suggested to practice this in the morning and also before you go to sleep as it is considered to be most effective and give the best results.

Sleep well: Being sleep deprived will affect your performance and make trouble in remembering and learning things. Good sleep will make you feel fresh and enthusiastic. Proper rest and sleep are very much needed for any individual no matter a student or a normal human. It affects your nature and whole personality. A sleep-deprived person seems to suffer from anxiety, impatience, and irritability very easily and eventually affects your performance and personality as a whole.

Eat healthily: Students nowadays are in love with junk or fast food. But eating healthy is all the more important. Good nutrition helps to maintain good health and stamina. A person who eats less healthy or less food gets tired mentally and physically very quickly. This in turn will affect the overall performance and other issues. Taking a balanced is necessary and should not be ignored at all. Once in a while having your favorite stuff is fine but eating healthy should be given a top priority to excel for your goals

So to summarise the life of a student is like participating in a marathon where coming second too at times is like losing the race. Do not stress too much it doesn’t matter if you have failed once there is always a second chance and ample of other options available in the field of academics. Do not lose control of your mind, be positive, and concentrate on your target. Be well prepared for your best results but also be prepared if you fail. Under no circumstances think of taking and drastic steps which will be a bigger cost for your family. Keep sharing your concerns with the family and friends it is very important.

Hope you found this post helpful in some way or the other

Happy Reading!!!! Focused reading!!! Best results!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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