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premium perimeter security with CAST Perimeter PoE

Adaptable and robust lighting solutions for perimeter security Description: Maximize the effect of your perimeter security system with robust and adaptable lighting solutions with CAST Perimeter Lighting. Our products are durable and cost-effective which are tested under extreme conditions. We have also launched award-winning LEDs that work best with perimeter security to deter intruders and keep your infrastructure safe.

8 Ways of increasing Perimeter Security

Prior to the introduction of the CAST Perimeter® lighting solution, the available products to illuminate a perimeter fence line consisted of street, parking, sports field, roadway, and other products that were never designed for perimeter security, rather these products were adapted to meet the need for perimeter security, until now. CAST Perimeter® security lighting is the first of its kind low-voltage, fence-mounted security solution designed from the ground up around the needs of security guards, closed circuit camera systems, the outdoor environment, and interaction with the human eye.

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