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Top 6 Website Localization Tools

Website Localization

Website localization services have become significant these days. These are inevitable for a successful globalization strategy. Making an investment in a website that effectively interacts and communicates with international clients is one tried and test way of more sales and revenue generation.

Professional website localization services, regardless of the website content and products, aim to target the potential audience and increase the reach and optimization.

The message should be clear and easily comprehensible to the people who are reading the content. This is how localization proves to be beneficial and successful.

There is a common assumption that tells us that an English website can be most accessible to people. However, the fact is that clients from all over the world barely feel impressed by the term foreign language.

Surprisingly, according to the European Commission report, only 53% of the internet users from the countries of the European Union only prefer website in English if it is not available in their native language.

Website, as well as software localization services, are also imperative to excel in the digital world of today. Software localization is not easy and it requires a lot more changes and implementation.

There are companies that are hardly offering professional software localization services, hence, the companies should conduct proper and thorough research before locking one.

Best Website Localization Tools

Website localization includes considering cultural aspects and social norms of the target audience as well. It further develops a sense of trust, making it likely that the customer will purchase something or at least would come forward with a query.

The process of website localization is quite technical and extensive. It requires relevant expertise and professionalism. Here are a few of the best website localization tools that play a vital part in effective localization.

CAT Tools

CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools top the list for their significance and vital role in the localization. The software programs essentially speed up the translation process by making it remember the previous translation of phrases and terms.

They work on splitting documents into segments (consisting of phrases and paragraphs) which are further saved in an online or offline database. Whenever a website is updated or rolled around, the CAT tools get fill the previously translated content automatically.

This practice not only helps with time, it further helps to maintain consistency in the target text. However, it is also notable that the selection of CAT tools depends on many factors such as budget, technicality, and features which companies are preferring in the process of localization.

QA Tools

Quality Assurance tools are an important part of the localization process. The localization experts have to use quality assurance tools to check the translations and their quality.

Quality assurance technologies have to inspect everything from terms and nuances to trademarks, ensuring complete consistency in documents and other content.

It is also important to mention that many CAT tools have built-in quality assurance functions that help in translation and localization in the long run.

However, as experts prefer QA tests alone are most preferable in many cases on the part of their functionality.

The tools can also be customized, making it easier to adjust and adapt to the terminologies, their translation, and requirements of the clients.

One of the most popular QA tools is Verifika. It is quite popular in the market. there are hardly any competitors of this tool with an easy and user-friendly interface.

DTP Tools

Desktop publishing is also known as DTP deals with page layout and design. It is imminent when it comes to putting a website together. Translation quality alone doesn’t do the job in localization. The layout and graphics also matter a lot.

The smallest layout can affect client perception of services. It is particularly important for the visuals and graphics such as advertising and packaging.

Adding this software in workflow, localization experts can edit and pull text for translation causes. Clients also use DTP tools in collaboration. The companies or localization experts don’t have to go for the costly photoshop license.

For instance, if a company happens to change the text in the product’s catalog, they can do this easily. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the scenarios can change, and not having a DTP tool can make things worst and cost clients and the company’s image.

There are many free and open-source tools for the people who have a new start-up and have to take care of the budget as well.


The localization process and tools depend on the process of the site. For a blog-style site WordPress, the plug-in should be there initially.

Polylang is one free-of-cost and powerful tool that allows the experts to create a multilingual website with all features of localization with minimum stress and effort. However, there is a pro version available for this. It also contains this feature of integrating TMS (translation management system. The plug-in works far more than simply providing a translation of every post by offering visitors a friendly and full experience in their required language.

Many industry experts believe that WPML is better for its good search tool. It makes it easier to look for the content in need. However, Polylang is a better option for those who are looking for an economical budget.

Translate Press

It is another WordPress translation plugin that is popular for its user-friendly function and use. This is a specialized feature and it is different from other plugins because it allows the user to translate posts and pages from the front end of the website. The user can see what exactly he is translating in real-time.

Moreover, the integration of Google translates API has made it more popular for users. They can manually correct the translated content.

Translation Management System

A TMS is one tool that experts particularly use for localization. Initially known as a globalization management system, this software combines together many people, languages, and systems that are involved in the translation process. It further helps in remote translation projects seamlessly, making it accessible for all participants in the same office. A robust TMS helps to organize and manage high volumes of translated content across multiple languages.

Final words

Localization is quite hectic and technical. It requires relevant expertise and professionalism. Website and mobile localization are complicated and require special attention to detail. However, if companies go for a professional vendor, i.e., professional mobile app localization services,  they can excel in the localization process with the help of the tools stated above. 

Halen Terry
Halen Terry is a creative writer and a professional linguist with expertise in using advanced translation management systems. She has been working in the localization industry for more than 6 years now. She creates informational content every day with the aim to serve the community and aspire translators to grow professionally.


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