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How to Ship the Cakes: Different Ways to Send the Cakes

How to ship the cakes is a question asked by many who are planning to celebrate some special occasion in London. These events may range from a wedding to an anniversary, birthday party or any other parties. The cakes that are sent across the world have become a special part of every event. However, there are a number of tips that one has to keep in mind while dealing with such packages.


Ship the Cakes to You

First off, it is important to identify the company that can ship the cakes to you. Sending the cakes from a company in another country can create complications and may end up taking a lot of time. It is better to opt for companies based in the UK. This will save you a lot of time and energy, besides avoiding the risk of the cakes getting lost at sea.


Sending Commercial Packages

Once you have selected a company, send them an e-mail containing the basic information about the package. This may include the amount you want to send, the name of the recipient and his or her birthday. Apart from this, you also need to indicate whether your gift is for individual or public use. Some companies usually take an additional fee for sending commercial packages, so make sure you confirm this with them before sending the final bill. If you wish to send the cakes as gifts, ensure that they are wrapped nicely and if possible, custom made according to your requirements. In the case of public delivery, it is usually best to send the cakes by post.


Long Distance Charges 

When sending the cakes by post, it is important to ensure that the package reaches its destination on time. This is because of the long distance charges that apply in various cases. Certain cakes cost more when shipped via air mail. Hence, the best option is to opt for the postal service. The following are some of the things that you need to know on how to ship the cakes.

Before sending the package, you should check the tracking number. Many companies offer tracking numbers for an extra fee. Also ensure that the package has reached the recipient on time. If you are sending it via email, you can check it later.


Physical Address 

The most important part of how to ship the cakes is the sender’s address. The recipient should have a physical address so that he or she can return the parcel if the package is lost or damaged. There are some companies which arrange to deliver the cakes along with the appropriate address, in case you do not have any contacts with them. However, there are other companies which are sole advertisers on their website and you may not be able to find their addresses on their websites.

On how to ship the cakes, you should also look into the customs and clearance fees. These fees may vary depending on the destination and time of delivery. Be sure to check this fee so that you do not end up paying more than what you were expecting. Some companies may have free shipment options, while others do not. You should enquire about these options before sending the package so that you are aware of the rates.


Favorite Cakes for a Change

Finally, when you are sending the package, you should make sure that the recipient does not know that you sent the package through a bakery. You should label the package clearly so that it is safe. Ask your friends and relatives to send them their favorite cakes for a change. This is how to ship the cakes.

Once you have sent the package, the recipient should be able to receive it quickly. Most companies would deliver the cakes to the doorstep of the recipient within a week. However, if you cannot afford this or if you have forgotten to include the recipient’s address in the shipment details, you can use the traditional postal service. Postage usually takes one to two weeks depending on the location and time of delivery. Just remember to include your return address so that the package can be returned immediately.



If you wish to save some money, you can send the packages using air mail. This takes a bit longer and costs a bit more than regular air shipping. But it is definitely more convenient. The best way to learn how to ship the cakes is by asking the help of someone who has done it before. They will surely be able to give you some tips and advice. You can also look for more tips online. There are cake companies that offer online assistance for different types of packages, whether they are sent through the post or by air.

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