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Is It True All Panasonic Cordless Phones Work Together?

Panasonic cordless phones are made to give power to your conversations. The advanced digital technology used in them makes it possible to eliminate all interfering sounds. The phone signals become strong, and the quality of the conversation improves. Their range is exceptional because of the blue-wave connectivity feature. They are the best option to use for both professional and personal work.


This article will explain if many cordless phones can work together or not:


1) All Cordless Phones Work Together:


Cordless phones are commonly seen in offices and homes. But only a few people know that they are capable of working together. The number of handsets on the existing can expand by connecting them. If you are buying a new phone but don’t know what to do with the old one, this is the right time to connect them. This will increase the productivity of the work.

Vtech Cordless Phones

VTech cordless phones can also work together efficiently. Multiple connected phones with one point increase the range as well. One can have up to 6 handsets, all working without wires from one base unit. The base unit is connected to the phone point. No need to be worried about the strangling wires. One can use the phones from different rooms with one phone point.


2) How Are They Connected?


These cordless Panasonic phones are connected with the help of the DECT technology. The digital enhanced cordless technology is a standard communication method used for wireless telephones. This shows that all the phones using DECT can work together. It is a common technology used in Asia, Australia, and Europe.


The Generic Access Profile (GAP) is part of this standard. It describes how the handset (which is a portable part) connects with the base point (which is the non-portable part). This plays an important in deciding if the phone will connect or not.


A GAP standard complaint enables multiple phones to get connected to a base point. A quick look on the manual of the phone will tell if it is compliant or not. Remember to know the maximum number of handsets your base point can carry.


3) Registering The Handsets With One Base Unit:


It is necessary to register the handset with the base unit for its functioning. It is done by pressing the paging button on the base unit for a few seconds. The base unit is the one that is directly connected to the phone line. After paging, find and use the register function in the menu of the handset, which has to be added.

vtech handsets

Finally, press the key as guided by the system indication, and a new phone will be added to the handset. It only takes 5 minutes. Now you can easily use them all around the house or in the office without buying a new base unit. This process can be done with almost all the models of cordless phones.


4) Do All Cordless Phones Need To Be Plugged In?


Another concern about combining cordless phones is to plug them or not. When The DECT technology is used, you can use one base unit for all of them to be plugged in. This means that all the handsets will function on their own.

Panasonic cordless phones

They will be able to receive calls and voice mails, but only one base unit will be required to handle them all. There will be no need for other plugin ports. For charging purposes, you can use multiple cradles to charge faster. More handsets can be added to the system wirelessly as well.


By the end, you will have all one and integrated system with one base station. This saves the time and stress of managing all of them individually. The freedom of taking the connected phones anywhere will increase the efficiency of the work as well.


5) Benefits:


When you are using multiple handsets together, it is important to make sure if they are compatible with each other. When adding another Panasonic wireless phone with the existing ones, read the manual properly for the compatibility options.

Vtech phones

Usually, all of the models are compatible if they are using DECT. This will enhance the efficiency of the connected system. Just like Walker telephone handsets, the outgoing transmitter signals are adjusted to increase the range and bigger coverage. You can easily manage the call load in office setups.


These phones do not get affected by the interfering noises as well. Multitasking becomes easy when you are using them in offices. You can use 6 handsets with a single base point at affordable prices. They are versatile and have amazing features. They will also help you in avoiding dead zones.


Final Words:


Panasonic cordless phones are famous for their exceptional audio quality. Their demand is surging in the market day by day. To increase the efficiency at your workplaces, you can use them together as well. They fit perfectly for all working spaces.


If you are looking for places to buy them, FindHeadsets should be your go-to place. They have the most amazing quality of cordless phones with a wide range to select from. They are well known for giving the best customer service.

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