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Music makes us Happy and Healthy!!!

In today’s age of technology and innovation, there is an increasing need to maintain good health through music. As we age, the importance of music for health increase because it tones our muscles and strengthens the heart. Music helps to reduce stress and helps us cope with depression. Many experts believe that music is fundamental for good health because it helps you “relax”. It reduces stress and improves sleep. People who enjoy music are usually happy and healthy. People who are exposed to loud noise are also less likely to be happy and healthy.

Music is also being found to be useful in helping people cope with depression. Some research studies have even shown that listening to music before or during therapy can help treat some mental illnesses such as depression. Researchers found that the same treatment that worked well on patients who have ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease also worked on those suffering from depression. Music can help people with depression by making them feel relaxed and at ease. It can also be used as a tool for relaxation. The brain has a mechanism called the “fight or flight” response which triggers our survival instincts. It can calm the body and mind down so that we can release this “fight or flight” response, which will keep us stress-free. It also encourages a state of relaxation. Music helps to stimulate the brain’s neurons and to make the mind more active. Research shows that listening to music makes the brain more involved in various mental processes. Music increases the flow of blood in the brain and reduces activity in the part of the brain that controls emotion.

Music can also help people lose weight. Researchers say that when people listen to music, they start to feel calmer and become less stressed as they become accustomed to music. Music also helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone CORTISOL in the blood, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and worry. Music also releases dopamine into the brain, which produces a sense of pleasure and happiness.

Music can also be instrumental in encouraging sleep. People who listen to music before bedtime tends to be much more relaxed and get a sound sleep. A night of sound sleep helps people cope better with daily stresses, such as work, family problems, and relationship problems. It is also true that listening to music before going to sleep can reduce the amount of time spent worrying about everyday events. It also reduces stress. When we listen to music before we go to sleep, or before we do something physical, it can lower your heart rate and increase your breathing. Great music can also make people more friendly and open up. Research has shown that when people listen to music before having sex, they are more open and are more confident when it comes to sharing.

It can also promote a sense of well-being. People who like to listen to music may feel happier, more confident, and may find that their moods change after listening to music. Music also gives us hope. It can help us to look forward to things and help us overcome fears. It provides a sense of accomplishment and brings us hope when things go wrong. Good music can help us learn new things. The music, especially instrumental music, is useful for learning a language and can be used to help children with learning a second language.

Music can also help us make better decisions. It is useful when it comes to “decision-making”. Music has been shown to improve our memory. Studies show that listening to music before going to sleep can improve your short-term memory.

Brenda Wilson
Hi Readers, I'm a practised writer, editor, and published blogger for more than 15 years of experience. Writing is my passion and I always believe- the words you use only have real power - if you use them correctly.


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