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8 Reasons Why Having An Excellent Vtech Handsets Is Not Enough

Vtech Handsets

VTech Handsets are loved by people. They add convenience and comfort to the life of people. They have many amazing features. They have the best capacity for saving contact logs. They provide an excellent range for calls. There are some reasons because of which they are not liked by customers.


In this article, we will discuss the reasons for them not being enough:


1. Quick Battery Drain:


These sets can easily be charged. But quick battery drainage is where people draw the line. AT&T handsets have amazing volume controls. They have any key answer options available. But the drawback of using these is that their battery life is not enough.


People mostly use them in offices and workplaces. They make a great desk phone as well. The cordless phones even allow the user to take calls to the lawn or basement as well. If the battery dies during a call, it will leave a bad impression on the client. The battery draining cannot hold the long shift at work also.


2. No Call Announce Feature:


Walker W6-B-KM-NC-10 Handset has great compatible transmitters. But they don’t have the incoming call announcing the feature. This is a disadvantage of these sets. When you are trying to focus on your work and suddenly the phone rings, productivity is decreased.


Your focus and attention on the work decrease. In the office setups, if you are attending a meeting or giving a presentation, this will cause a disturbance. If you are away from the desk, you might not even get the notification for the call. This can lead to missing any important call on your behalf as well. Your boss might scold you as well.


3. The Call Log is Slow To Respond:


The capacity of the phone book of these phones is amazing. An increase in the contacts in the call log decreases the efficiency. The delay in the call log response makes it worse in the eyes of consumers. People like to use gadgets which are friendly to use.


Nobody likes to use a struck log book. The output of the work will also be slow. In the call centers, where you have to make thousands of calls daily, your productivity will be reduced. The slow responding call log will not let you finish your work on time.


4. Ring Volume Not Powerful:


Phones need to have a strong ring volume. It alerts the receiver. Even if a person is away from the desk, they will hear the tone and come back. If the ring volume is not enough, it will lead to many unanswered calls.


If your client is calling you at an unusual time, you might not hear it. Your client will have a negative impression of you. It is important to use phones with higher volumes. Some phones even have automatic volume controls. You can adjust the volumes as well.


5. Sound Distortion At Higher Volumes:


It is observed that in some sets when you increase the volume, distortion increases. This is the downside of these handsets. Volume levels are usually increased to hear clearly. If your client can not hear you properly, you will not be able to book deals.


This can cause business loss. With increased volumes, clarity should be increased. But this is not the case here. If you are using these sets for business purposes, you will face enhanced distortion by increasing volumes. This is a major drawback of using them for professional use.


6. Not Reliable For Long Terms:


You cannot use them for the long term. The repeated battery drainages and distortions will affect your work greatly. If you work in busy workplaces where you have to take loads of calls daily, distortions will not help.


You will get tired of attending unclear calls. The level of productivity will decrease. There will be too many problems to work at. The amazing qualities will be taken over by these cons.


7. Pairing Them Can Be Difficult:


Usually, handsets are paired with each other by using a single line. But with these sets, it will be a difficult task. The connectivity will affect the integrity of the base unit. The battery life will be greatly affected.


If multiple people are using one line, the connectivity will be disturbed. Handsets need to work in pairs. It saves costs and gives maximum output. But the pairing of VTech phones is difficult. This will be costly. You have to buy separate answering machines for all the sets. It will not be a budget-friendly idea.


8. Restriction of Movement:


If you are using corded phones, your movements will be restricted. You have to be seated at the desk to be able to attend the calls. It will cause fatigue and stress as well. You will be prone to neck stiffness and shoulder muscle spasm as well.


It is the main disadvantage of using corded handsets. They will not be comfortable. You will have to stay stick to the chair. The posture of your body will be affected. Researches have shown that people who use corded phones are more inclined to get backaches and muscular pain. People dislike these phones because they affect body ergonomics.


Final Words:


VTech handsets are famous in the market because of their range and exceptional phonebook storage. Handsets lack many features. They have a difficult pairing system. They don’t have any call announcement feature.


But they are amazing for workplaces. If you are looking to buy them free from all these drawbacks, you should buy them from FindHeadsets. They have the best quality for all kinds of headsets. They have the best customer service.

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