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Great Kids Activities During School Holidays

School Holidays – Some Great Kids Activities During School Holidays

School holidays are a great time to spread the joy and to let children take on a variety of activities that they may not be able to do while school is out. With an element of spontaneity added to the mix, kids have a greater chance of having fun and trying something new. School holidays can be a hectic time for parents, especially during the school year, so it’s important to find some easy kids’ activities to participate in before the big day arrives. The earlier you start planning, the better. Here are some ideas for school holiday activities:

Encourage independent thinking – Many kids tend to feel that they are being tested more intensely when their parents are around. It’s important for kids to have their own thoughts and to be able to challenge ideas they don’t agree with. For instance, if your child wants to stay up all night playing video games, offer to take him and his friends to the park to play in the snow. Or invite the kids to help you cook dinner. The kids will get a healthy dose of exercise and will develop their culinary skills as well.

Organize an art or craft activity – If you have a lot of extra space, you could organize outdoor activities around art projects. Have the kids create a masterpiece out of leaves or pumpkins. You could even give each kid a small role in the creation. Art activities like this can also foster teamwork, and it’s something that your kids will remember long after school is over.

Take the kids outdoors – Set up a nature preserve or put up a flower garden. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about different plant life. It is also a great time to teach kids about recycling. Teach your kids how to separate scrap from their garbage. Try to schedule a time to work on this together.

Do a home improvement project – This can be a great homework or independent study time, especially if you make it a do-it-yourself activity. Think up ways to save money in this holiday season. Don’t forget to include craft materials. For instance, your kids can make crafts with cardstock or markers, use stickers, paint, markers or glue. Do this on a sunny and not too warm day to ensure a successful outcome.

Sport Activity – Back to school holidays, you have plenty of choices for outside activities. Set up a basketball court or tennis court in the back yard. Plan a scavenger hunt for your neighborhood. These are some inexpensive and relatively simple games that can provide some activity for kids in any stage of their development.

Hiking– Take the kids on a nature walk or hike. Pick out the best hiking or biking trails for the children. This will be a fun experience that teaches them to be physically fit. They may even come back with new friends. If they aren’t happy about the activity, however, this may discourage them from exercising.

Have a good time – As the old saying goes, a great time for kids is a good time for fun. Make your school holidays an opportunity for family fun. Bring the kids up to speed with silly games and bonding activities that all kids love. When the kids get home, let them play some music that they have been waiting to hear. This will keep them happily busy the entire night.

Bake something together – Baking together is a great activity for siblings. It lets the kids get together with mom or dad and make a special homemade meal. Don’t forget the homework! Give the kids a task to complete as the evening goes on. This is a great way for kids to practice household chores, but it’s also an opportunity for them to learn to cook as well.

Read to kids – Many kids enjoy reading, especially young children. Plan out a storybook that can be read during the break. If you are fortunate enough to have the kids stay home, don’t restrict them from reading while you are gone. Let them read on their own. Take along a favorite book and let the kids read together.

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