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The MYTH busters for COVID 19

Some FACTS to clear the myths about the treatment and protocol of frightening against COVID 19

No MASK while exercising: Very crucial FACT to be followed. We often hear about incidents where death has occurred because of wearing a mask while jogging or exercising in the gym. The reason is a loss of ability to breathe comfortably leads to loss of breath and resulting in a cardiovascular arrest. Sweat while exercising will make the mask wet and resulting in difficulty in breathing and promotes the growth of microorganisms. Since you are not wearing a mask, make sure you maintain a distance of one meter from others.

Shoes likely to spread COVID 19: The likelihood of shoes laying COVID 19 is relatively low. As a precautionary measure, keep the shoes outside the home or a pre-decided place for all the family members. It becomes is more critical where infants and small children are crawling on the floors. Keeping the shoes in a different location will prevent dirt or any waste that could come inside the house through the soles of the shoes.

COVID 19 is caused by a virus and NOT by bacteria: Antibiotics do not work on viruses and the virus that causes COVI 19 belongs to a family of viruses called Coronaviridae. Some people infected may develop a bacterial infection as well as a complication. In such cases, antibiotics may be recommended by the doctor.

COVID 19 recovery: Most of the people who are affected by COVID 19 moderate symptoms recover from it provided they start early medication and follow the required precautions. We need to be responsible enough to see the doctor without any delay before things worsen.

Alcohol is not a remedy for COVID 19: Alcohol is anyways harmful, and consuming alcohol will only cause further damage and will increase the risk for other health issues. People have been spreading a myth that drinking alcohol will make your body immune to the disease, which is not correct.

Thermal scanners are not COVID 19 detectors: Thermal scanners are used worldwide at all places like in offices, shopping malls, and other crowded places where public entries are allowed. These scanners are capable of detecting fever and not COVID 19. An only further test can reveal whether a person is suffering from COVID or not.

Do insects transmit COVID 19: To date, there is no information as to any insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, etc. transmit the infection? As per the research; the virus spreads because of the droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes or speaks when another person is near him. Or by touching a contaminaated surface and then touching your eyes or nose.

5G mobile network DO NOT spread COVID 19:  Viruses cannot travel through radio waves /mobile networks.  The virus exists even in countries which are not having 5G networks. Hence if anyone is telling that it spreads through networks is a myth.

Sun exposure: Exposure to the sun or temperature, which is higher than 25 degrees does not protect you from COVID 19. There has been a myth spreading that the virus dies at this temperature but sitting in the sun will increase your immune but not protect you against the virus. On the other hand, if we do gargles of hot water and keep sipping hot water will help to fight against the disease.

Holding breath for 10 seconds: This is a prevalent myth spreading across the globe. Being able to save your breath for 10 seconds without any discomfort DOES NOT certify that a person is not affected by COVID 19. Only a laboratory test can help you detect this. So please avoid being your doctor and follow the right path of diagnosis.

COVID 19 can affect people of all age groups: The virus can infect people of all age groups. It has been observed and suggested that older people with pre-existing diseases are at more risk of getting infected; hence they need to be more careful. On the whole, all age groups need to take care of their immunity levels and take necessary precautions.

No medicines or vaccines are there to treat the virus: To date, there is no medicine recommended to treat the virus, and antibiotics are supposed to treat for bacterial infections only. However, the infected persons are to be given optimum care and observation to prevent the situations to get complicated. WHO is promoting accelerated research and developments with several medical institutions. Specific treatments are still under investigation. But we can say the doctors and health workers have become more experienced since the pandemic started and the patients are treated more accurately now as per their symptoms.

Spraying and introducing bleach or another disinfectant into your body: This can be dangerous and under no circumstances to be introduced into your body to disinfect it. Bleach and disinfectant are to be used to clean the surface only. Always remember to keep these out of reach of children.

Adding pepper and spices to meals: Adding such spices makes your soup and other meals tasty but cannot prevent or cure COVID 19. Still adding them to your meals will build up your immunity due to their various benefits provided used in limited quantities

Prolonged use of MASKS: The use of medical masks may cause discomfort if worn for a more extended period. However, it does not lead to any CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency. It again depends on the type of mask you are wearing. Medical shows will give you more comfort than fabric masks. They help you to breathe better and will not cause any short of breath. Such issues may be found in the case of fabric masks due to the fabric used is not comfortably breathable. Hence ensure to use a proper cover to avoid any such breathing problems.

To sum up above were listed some of the facts about COVID 19 and clear the myths in mind. Hope you found it of some use and gave you some more clarity to face the current pandemic.

Believe what is right!!!! Do not go by the myths!!!! Find your facts!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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