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Step by Step Guide on fixing ‘Brother Printer Offline Error

Understanding Brother Printer Offline error

Brother printers are useful in providing smooth working that is beneficial for office or individual purposes. But sometimes this working is paused by the Brother Printer Offline issue that is common while working with printers. You will encounter this offline error in the brother printers just like other errors such as Canon Printer Not Printing, Epson Printer Offline, Canon Printer Setup, Installation error, and many more. So, we will be discussing the various reasons and factors leading to this issue while using the Brother printer, also we will explain and dig into the various effective steps that can overcome this issue. Let’s start by diving into the most common reasons why Brother printer offline occurs. This can happen due to

– Due to heavy paper jam.

– Blockage in the Ink toner.

– The default mode of the Brother printer is not activated.

– Network connection error between the printer and your computer.

– Lots of print requests in the queue struck the print job.

– Outdated and corrupted printer drivers.

– Due to the selection of the USE OFFLINE MODE.

– Incorrect printer settings.

Various ways to fix the “Brother Printer Offline” error

Procedure 1. Set Brother Printer to Default mode

– You can face the brother printer offline issue if you haven’t set your brother printer to default mode. You can put your printer to default mode by following these steps.

– Open CONTROL PANEL through windows search.

– Now right-click on your Brother printer from the printers list and then select the SET AS DEFAULT PRINTER option.

– By restarting your printer, check if your issue got resolved or not.

Procedure 2. Fix it by UNCHECKING offline status in Windows

– Open the CONTROL PANEL from the start option and click the DEVICES AND PRINTERS.

– Right-click on Brother’s printer icon and choose SEE WHAT IS PRINTING.

– Now select the printer option and check if the tick mark is on USE PRINTER OFFLINE.

– Uncheck the checkmark by clicking on it.

– Now open the printer option from the top and choose the CANCEL ALL DOCUMENTS option.

Procedure 3. Clearing and Restarting the print spooler

– Click and open the SERVICE windows, select the Print spooler.

– By right-clicking on the print spooler select the STOP option.

– Copy this text into FILE EXPLORER and click enter.

– Type C:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS.

– Now delete all the selected files from the printer folder. Hover over to the print spooler, by right-clicking on it select the START option and let it run the spooler service once again.

– Make sure the startup type is selected as AUTOMATIC.

Procedure 4. Checking for Printer Jam

– Start by switching off the printer and unplugging the power supply.

– Take out the rollers from the printer gently.

– Pull out the paper gently if the option is unavailable.

– Send a printing request once the paper is out.

Procedure 5. Updating Printer Driver

– Hover over to the windows start menu right-click and choose DEVICE MANAGER.

– To expand the list double click on the print queue.

– Right-click to update the printer driver.

– Now visit the next window select option BROWSE MY COMPUTER FOR DRIVER SOFTWARE.

– Click the BROWSE option, after which choose the folder, download the driver location and click OK.

– By pressing NEXT while updating the driver click done.

Fix Brother Printer Offline Problem on Mac: factors that can arise from this error can be paper jamming, faulty hardware, corrupted software, or low ink toner. Start by selecting USE PRINTER OFFLINE mode from the printer settings. Make sure that this option is always unchecked. Firewall settings can block the printer from working. Ensure that your printer recognizes mac devices as there are a lot of devices on the Mac operating system.

Reinstalling the printer driver: open SYSTEM AND PREFERENCES then PRINTER AND SCANNER on your MAC device. Choose your printer and select the – sign to uninstall the printer. Visit the Brothers official website and download your printer driver. 


Install the printer driver: restart your printer, and open the newly installed printer driver. Select and install the paper port of the printer. Open the APPLE menu and choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES. Select the PRINTERS AND SCANNERS option from it. Click sign + and choose option ADD PRINTER OR SCANNER. Choose Brother printer from the next window that appears and allow the printer to the device. Quit system preferences the moment your printer is added to your Mac device. Your Brother Printer Offline issue will be solved now Bitdefender antivirus free download.

Final Remarks

Brother Printer Offline is a common error that occurs while working with the printer. We tried and covered all the possible factors that are responsible for this issue. Also, we have shared various ways in which you can fix them on your windows as well as Mac devices.

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