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How to be COVID safe while watching IPL with friends and family

IPL 2020 the much-awaited event for cricket lovers is finally on. After a lot of uncertainty whether IPL 2020 will be organised or will be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, the event finally started on 19th Sep. Have you noted the dates of the matches of your favourite team?? Every year you must be making plans to watch the games at a venue or home with friends and family as it magnifies the thrill and excitement.

But we cannot afford to deny the fact that the COVID 19 pandemic is spreading at a faster pace with no signs of slowing down. Even though the guidelines for social gatherings have been eased, but we need to be utmost careful as they may lead to the spread of the virus among your friends and family. Oh….please don’t worry this post is not to cancel your plans to gather to watch your favourite team play. I am here posting some guidelines and preventive measures you can take to make sure you and your friends are safe after the gathering as we cannot forget though the policies have been eased; the danger still exists.

So here I am merely suggesting some precautions which you can apply to keep everyone safe.

The need for hygiene: We know that the infection spreads through the respiratory droplets of the infected person which could reach another person by touching something which has been touched by the infected person. It can be your tv remote, chairs, other furniture, refrigerator, food packets, coffee mugs or liquor glasses, etc. You can also be infected when you breathe in the same air where nearby the infected person has sneezed or coughed. The infection spreads more quickly in an enclosed environment and where the AC or a heater is on.

  • So what should be the first step to prevent this?


  • Keep a check on if any of you is having fever, cough, or cold or any other signs of COVID 19. Be frank and courageous enough to tell others for the betterment of all. Cancel the plan to participate as it may lead to further spread to others.
  • It will be better for everyone to be thermal checked in front of other members. It may sound not good, but it is necessary, and all should get it readily done.
  • Make a rule that all wear their appropriate masks and gloves at all times and keep sanitising their hands frequently after touching any common object.
  • Spray a disinfecting atomiser thoroughly before the gathering. You can also use an air purifier machine if you have one.
  • Make a rule for all the participants to carry their water and mug. Ensure not to share this with others.
  • Maintain the social distance of 6 feet as per the COVID guidelines. Make the seating arrangements accordingly. If you feel that the place does not allow change the venue where you can follow the distance. Please do not compromise on any preventive measures.
  • Avoid using AC and keep the doors and windows open for better air circulation.
  • Order food from a good outlet where the precautionary measures are taken care with due diligence. Sanitise the packets from outside once delivered to you.
  • In case you decide to cook on your own; you can ask all members to get a dish from their home and if you are the host and cooking all the items at home then ensure you make it before the party starts to avoid gathering in the kitchen area.
  • Decide an easy menu which leads to least serving and easy to clean like pizza, sandwiches, etc.
  • If you have an open area in your houses like a home theatre or a garden; it will be safer rather than gathering in a small room.
  • Check with all your friends who can manage this at his house or a place.
  • Eat from your plate or bowl. No sharing, please. Use disposables that are the best.
  • Make a rule to sanitise the toilet seat after every use.
  • Once the gathering is over ask all the members to carry their stuff and dispose of it themselves. For following this will be better to use disposable stuff.
  • Sanitise the room properly and clean it thoroughly with suitable alcohol-based santiser
  • Once the cleaning is done immediately take a shower with hot water.
  • If you were not the host go to bath immediately once you reach home and ensure not to touch any objects or family members.
  • Soak your clothes in hot water to ensure no spread.
  • Though this might be a little tedious, this is the new normal in this pandemic. We must keep ourselves and others safe in this COVID protocol.

Please implement these precautions without any negligence and make any gathering more merry and safe and delightful experience for all.

These current times are challenging for all, and slowly our lives are getting back to normal. But we need to take care wherever possible. I do not say that this will not lead to further spread, but prevention is always better than cure. We as humans want to rejoice and merry as we all are very much occupied running behind other things in life throughout the day. But the current pandemic has taught us to live without many things we have been doing regularly earlier. We have given up on so many things which were essential and without which we had thought we could not live. But now we have learned to do away without it.

To see the positive in all and go ahead in life.

Stay Safe!! Stay healthy!!! Rejoice and merry!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Hello, This is Rutvi Jani a professional blogger. I am passionate about writing about insurance, spirituality, positive thinking, recipes, health, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe " Shift your words and the world will change for you ". Contact me if you want me to write an article for you - [email protected]


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