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Aloe Vera – The miracle house plant

Aloe Vera the miracle house plant !!!! Yes, it is rightly called by this name. It is seen often hiding by the sight where people are unaware of its medicinal benefits. In this post, let us go through its amazing benefits, and in the end, you will be tempted to get a plant planted immediately in your house garden.

Aloe Vera nourishes the body from inside and works as an excellent moisturiser. It has immense nutritional enzymes and helps to improve digestion and immunity. It mostly comes in a gel form and is used to apply on the face and hair.

Those who are already having a plant at home probably must be knowing about its usage and benefits. But for beginners let us first understand how to extract the gel from the plant. Select its fatter leaves and stems and cut it from the base or pull it from the roots. Be careful while doing so as it has thorns on the side of the leaves. Use a sharp knife to remove the thorns from the sides and then slice the stalk into half, keeping the gel side up. Now scrap the gel with a spoon directly in a container. Ensure you scrap the leaf properly as the gel is quite sticky. Refrigerate this gel for future use.  If you find this tedious to do, then you can get a ready-made gel pack from the store.

  • Listed below are some benefits of using Aloe Vera for your skin, face and hair:-

Natural moisturiser: Best thing about using Aloe Vera is;  that if applied once on the face, it does not leave the skin greasy, which is mostly with other brands. It helps to unclog the pores and softens the skin. It worked best on dry skin, as an aftershave and on cuts and damaged skin. It is considered to treat best on injuries due to burns and acne too. Applying Aloe Vera is also a part of many saloons for facial treatments and facials due to its superb results

Soothes sunburn: Treating sunburns has always been a challenging task for all. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. If you are a person exposed to too much sun and heat; form a habit to apply the gel and then leave from home as this will form a protective layer on the skin. The plant is rich in antioxidants which fastens the healing process.

Healing of wounds: It has given miraculous results in 1st and 2nd-degree burns. It helps to speed up the formation of new skin cells as much as eight times. It is because it penetrates the epidermis skin layer faster and speeds up the healing process. In case of minor burns at home, while cooking, you can immediately apply the gel so that it stops further damage to the skin layers.

Anti-ageing: Yes, it is next in the list of benefits. Its gel is rich in Vitamin E and C and loaded with beta carotene. You must have spent dollars until now on buying anti-ageing creams which contain lots of chemicals and here we have a very cost-effective product or a plant just in our garden. It works excellent on skin blemishes and diminishes age lines. Regular application increases the production of collagen in the skin, which improves skin elasticity. Surprised, aren’t you??? Perhaps you weren’t aware of all this?

Stretch marks: We already know that the gel gives good results on skin acne and blemishes. Add some lemon juice to the gel and apply the mixture to treat freckles, lighten the age spots and get a perfect remedy for glowing skin. Stretch marks have always been a significant concern for women post-pregnancy and for those who have lost a fair amount of weight. Apply the magic gel to the area regularly, and you will see a noticeable difference in your skin.

Treats Skin infection too: People having skin problems will find respite in Aloe Vera. Its antimicrobial properties help in gentle cleansing and treating pimples. Its regular use will give the best results without causing any damage or side effects on the skin. The gel is also an excellent antiseptic and protects from bacteria. Contains polysaccharides and gibberellins which helps to reduce the size of the pores, flushes out the excess sebum, microbes and dirt.

  • Aloe Vera for hair and scalp

Hair problems are increasing concerns of both men and women. Now hair and facial treatments are not restricted to only women; men are also found taking good care for their hair and face too look glowing and appealing

Hair growth: Increase the use of chemicals and hair treatments has deteriorated the quality of hair. People tend to use a lot of hair products to treat damaged hair but are not getting good results, and on the other hand, the condition is worsened. Like in skin reproduction, Aloe Vera helps in activating new hair growth and improve the blood circulation to the scalp. The content of proteolytic enzymes that help to repair the dead skin on the scalp. People having any infection on skin problems on the scalp can also be treated with its regular massage.

Dandruff: Major causes of dandruff are fungal infections, dry skin or excessively oily skin. Apply the gel mixed with any hair oil on the scalp to get rid of the problem and wash it off in an hour of application.

Natural conditioner: As it benefits the skin as a natural moisturiser, it also works as a natural conditioner for the hair. Helps to restores the vitality and shine of the damaged hair on regular usage.

We have gone through the manifold benefits of Aloe Vera gel. I would suggest you plant it and use the gel extracted at home rather than getting a ready pack. The plant needs the least maintenance and grows very fast. It is just a onetime task to extract the gel from the leaves and store, which is worth doing looking at its benefits.

Natural products!!!! Natural beauty!!!! Beautiful skin!!!! Beautiful You!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Hello, This is Rutvi Jani a professional blogger. I am passionate about writing about insurance, spirituality, positive thinking, recipes, health, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe " Shift your words and the world will change for you ". Contact me if you want me to write an article for you - [email protected]


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