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Positive Parenting Tips


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Raising kids is not an easy job like it used to be a couple of decades ago.Every parent wants their kids to be well mannered, bright and having good moral values. Parents are the first teachers for their children and their roots of upbringing are developed from the infant age of the child. However it is not an easy feat and has always been a challenging journey from infant to a teenager for the parents. A parent child relationship is a two way journey.

Kids are like flowers who will blossom beautifully with the efforts of the gardener.  Below are some tips which you can apply to raise successful kids and lead a stressfree parenting life

  • Only happy parents raise happy generation: It is a rule that if you want someone to be happy because of you then first of all you should be happy. Parents who are free from stress can teach their kids to live a stress free life. Like you as an elder would not like to speak a person who is filled with anger and stress. Likewise your children too will not approach you if you are filled with anger and anxiety.
  • Negativity: Negative comments like “ You are good for nothing”, you know nothing, you are uselss etc hurt the child more than any physical injury. Mental injury hurts and stays longer in the mind. Hence parents should always use encouraging language which helps to build up the child’s confidence.
  • Accept: If you want your child to accept his mistake honeslty in front of you then you should also be ready to accept your mistake in front of the child. This will encourage them to be honest as well. Keep your EGO aside while dealing with your child.
  • Fault Finding : Fault finding attitude will not only affect our relations in the family but also our day to day life. If you find your child at fault try to explain him the results of his wrong doing and the its bad effects. After certain point of time slowly children too will develop the habit to identify their defects and put efforts to eradicate them.
  • Authoritative: No one likes authorative tone of talking and everybody loves lovable sentences. So even children do not like such conversations. Using lovable language will make your relation more smooth and easy. You as a parent too will be able to manage their tantrums more successfully.
  • Explain properly: Remember that your child will follow your footsteps. Go down to their level of understanding and explain them to their satisfaction. Do not communicate half way in order to cut short the conversation. Explaining properly will make your bond stronger. In future when they are grown they will respond you in the similar manner.
  • Expectations: Every parent do have an expectation with their child and most of the parents wish to fulfil their unfinished dreams through their children. But it may not be the case with your child. They also have their own choices and set of preferences. Do not force them to follow or do what you want them to do. Let them take their decisions on their own, but do be available to guide them on the correct way. This attitude will help you shape their future and career in a more better way.

These are some tips which I felt like suggesting you which may help you in managing your kids. Try to think on their behalf and then go ahead in dealing with them. Never indulge in giving them any kind of physical punishment as it may lead to serious repercussions. Try to be as much friendly as you can and strict where ever it is utmost needed. As deailing with kids of 21st century is not an easy task and you as a parent needs to be ready to change your approach as per the changing trends.

Enjoy Parenting !!! Happy Parenting !!!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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