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How to travel in a Small Budget

Travelling is a dream and a hobby for many people across the globe. Exploring to exotic destinations doesn’t cost you a fortune if you apply some sensible ideas to your travel plan. You certainly don’t need a lottery to fulfill your dream. I have penned down some points which you can consider while making you travel plan:

  1. Make a plan: Planning your travel is the first and foremost thing to be done to avoid last minute surprise expenses. Similar to travel management Companies who always come up with day to day itinerary in a systematic manner in advance. Likewise it does not matter if you don’t have an hour to hour plan made but at least you should be aware about how many days you will spend in a particular city and till what time. What will be your travel route be; giving least room for unexpected expenses like last minute flights, accommodations etc which often turn out to be more budget issues.
  1. Get travel cards: If you are a frequent traveler to particular countries then start funneling money through travel cards. These cards give you different schemes and reward points like credit card on regular usage. They may be in the form of bonus miles if you spend a certain amount within few months. There are even Companies who provide loyalty programs to its regular customers where you can travel with a family member free of cost.
  1. Accommodation savvy: If you are a lone explorer and if you are ready to share the accommodation it will turn out to be a good bargain. These accommodations can be a flat, or a room. Further staying with family and friends also is a very economical option. There are websites which give you suggestions for such type of dwelling places. Further your host itself can be your travel guide who is mostly a local person and will help you roam around in the city. Hence this way you will be able to save a good amount of your budget and use it to explore other places.
  1. Pack with caution: If you are a frequent traveler you must be aware about the weather conditions in those countries and cities. Make sure you pack your bags adequately suitable to the weather forecast. Doing this will avoid unnecessary expense to go and shop for things like a raincoat or a winter jacket. Even the luggage which you are using should be in proper condition so that you don’t run into a fiasco and have to head to buy a new luggage immediately due to rough handling in the flights.
  1. Advance booking: Booking in advance is always beneficial especially during off seasons. You should also opt to travel during the off season and not during winter or summer holidays as things are definitely cheaper during such time and you will get good bargains for everything during this time. However this is not always possible as it depends on the circumstances and family members you are travelling with. Also check if you can travel during week days rather during weekends as the flight prices, food etc are cheaper during weekdays then during weekends.

So friends these were some of the tips which I felt like sharing with you and can be considered before making your travel plans. Never the less these will vary as per the situation, urgency of the hour and other aspects of human life.  Above cannot be considered a perfect guide to save your hard earned money. But I hope it is beneficial to you in some way or the other.

Happy travelling !!!!

Rutvi Jani
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