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Losing Motivation During the Race Is Normal

The race is long

It would be absurd to think that during our four-year career we will always be just as motivated and passionate about what we do. Either due to personal problems, or because the subjects that we have been assigned in this semester are not especially entertaining or because we do not like a teacher, it is possible that, at certain times, we feel that we do not want to study, that we are less motivated or, even that we do not want to continue studying.

Surrender is cowards

Leaving the race due to a downturn is not the solution, and if you thought that you were going to complete the entire race as excited as the first day and without losing motivation, then you are too optimistic. Studying a university degree requires stamina and willpower, it is a marathon, not a speed test. And feeling unmotivated at certain times is the most common thing in the world, but you have to resist.

It is not about ignoring what makes us feel bad and continuing as if nothing happened because, if we do so, the problem can get worse. It is about putting your feet on the ground and facing adversity by following a series of tactics to recover the illusion.


Find your original motivation again. Think of everything you dreamed of when choosing your career, the things you would learn, the friends you would make, your professional projects. Connect your memories with those pleasant sensations to feel a little of all that again. The process may not be turning out as wonderful as we thought, but we must reconnect with that feeling that made us happy by seeing ourselves working on something rewarding. We will have time later to realize that working is much uglier than it seems, but, for now, we must focus on the fact that studies are an essential process to achieve our goals. And if the disappointment you are experiencing now makes you wonder that you would still be better off cleaning houses,

Think about the things you do like

It is practically impossible that there is absolutely nothing about your career that you like (and if that is the case, the problem is that you have chosen the wrong degree and perhaps you should consider the possibility of changing your degree, not dropping out). There may be a few unusable subjects, but surely there are others that you love or teachers who make it worth listening to two hours in a row. The important thing in those moments of downturn is that we focus on the positive things and try to be more aware of them than of the ones we do not like.

Analyze if the problem is career or personal

Sometimes we blame what is not in order not to face the real problem. Stop and think if losing motivation is due to the race or if it could be other personal, family, economic, group of friends, etc. They are bothering you on the other hand and that has made you lose motivation.

Try to put things in order

Take a day for yourself and think. Turn off your mobile (for a little while), go to a place you like and take a notebook and pen. Sit down, breathe, and start writing down what things are making you feel bad or what things make you unmotivated, lose focus, or feel overwhelmed. If you need to, even try doing some meditation or whatever. The important thing is that you get to feel better and overcome the bump.

Now that you’ve written all that down, think about what the possible solutions to each problem are. Sometimes we get overwhelmed because too many things come together, but if we analyze each problem separately and look for a solution, it is possible that, deep down, it is not so bad and we can see things with more objectivity.

Many times, saturation and overwhelm appear because we do not have a good organization. According to expert ghostwriter we spend an excessive time studying, writing notes and things like that; but, if we had a good organization, we would do these jobs much faster and we could enjoy more pleasant things. If you feel overwhelmed by lack of time, take a break and reorganize your routines and your study room. It is possible that the change itself or the simple willingness to change are already sources of motivation.

Speak it

The worst thing we can do is keep what we feel to ourselves and carry it as if we had to keep it a secret. Get support and talk about your feelings with someone you trust. You will see that when you take out your problems they are never as terrible as they seem and that your people will help you to relativize and find practical solutions. If we feel understood and we understand that we are not alone, difficulties are much better.

Keep going

Studying a career is a privilege. In reality, you are living a wonderful time that you will remember for the rest of your life. Now it may seem like an eternity until you get to graduate and have your degree, but this is going to happen sooner than you think and then you will miss it. It is up to you to reach the goal. Everything is in that you understand that losing motivation is something normal and that you have to make an effort to find it again. Nothing else.

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