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8 Ways of increasing Perimeter Security

There are many methods that can increase the security of your perimeters, and a chain-link fence alarm system is one of the most efficient ways to keep intruders out. It ensures lasting security and keeps out any potential threats.  In addition to that, the alarm system gives timely alerts. In this way, a proper counteraction plan deploys within due time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient ways to effectively secure your fences.

Use smaller gauge

The gauge number defines the size of the chain-link fence and the thickness of the wire. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire, the harder it will be to cut the fence or climb it.  Thus, it is recommended to use a smaller gauge for high-security areas.

Electrify the fence

Secondly, electrifying the chain fence also plays a big role in enhancing security. A fence with a warning sign also acts as a powerful deterrent and impact the psychology of the intruder. Moreover, it is also cost-effective.

Install a CCTV system

Thirdly, chain link fences can also benefit from CCTV systems. They are easy to mount along the boundary of the fence. Moreover, these systems also cut the cost of human labor and interventions.

Use Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Another way to aid the chain link fence alarms is to use robust Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. These are integrated systems that use several detectors, alarms, and physical barriers in combination to ensure the overall security of your perimeter.

Integrate with the entry point security

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, another way to enhance perimeter protection is by integration of the system with entry point security. Access control systems are efficient and aid the preinstalled fence security systems.

Deploy Dual-Technology sensors

Dual-tech sensors are available for chain link fences. These sensors rely on two or more technologies. These sensors detect any damaging changes around the perimeter and are often integrated with the alarm systems as well.

Use three Ds- Detect, Deter, Delay

The whole system can adhere to the three Ds of security. So, install a system that fulfills them all.  In that way, all aspects and conditions for a robust perimeter security system are easily fulfilled.

Utilize the lighting

Another way to ensure fence security is to use appropriate low-cost, low-voltage perimeter lighting.  CAST Perimeter Lighting, the only guys who own the patent to install an LED low voltage light on a fence, acts as the first line of defense when it comes to perimeter security. These lights should be low-voltage and cost-effective for efficient performance.  

CAST Perimeter Lighting is a great option for perimeter lights. All the lighting solutions are LED-based. Their sturdy build lasts a very long time.  In addition to that,  installation is very easy to do.  


There is no doubt about the efficiency of the chain-link fence alarm. In addition to that, all of the above-mentioned systems ensure high-end security of the perimeter. In case you don’t want to spend hefty amounts of money on the security systems, go for lighting the perimeter. CAST Perimeter lights offer efficient and budget-friendly perimeter lighting solutions. Because we believe, if it’s not lit, it’s not secure.

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CAST Perimeter
CAST Perimeter
Prior to the introduction of the CAST Perimeter® lighting solution, the available products to illuminate a perimeter fence line consisted of street, parking, sports field, roadway, and other products that were never designed for perimeter security, rather these products were adapted to meet the need for perimeter security, until now. CAST Perimeter® security lighting is the first of its kind low-voltage, fence-mounted security solution designed from the ground up around the needs of security guards, closed circuit camera systems, the outdoor environment, and interaction with the human eye.
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