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I do it everyday

In life, we come across various situations where we need to choose for us? where do we need to think for us? where do we feel standing at cross-road of the future?

There are times, when people around you shoot with ‘n’ number of options, and instead of making you feel better, it makes you crazier than before.

So yes, all I want you to say to yourself is “I chose best for me & I do it every day”. Feel the positivity in it, feel the vibe within. You are surrounded by so many ways to go ahead, but you got to choose the best and only best which you suits you most; You have to do it every day.

People who aren’t able to do themselves; will never ever let you do your best. Remember this. People who are not confident of themselves will always try to make you feel worse so that you too won’t do it either. But, against all odds, say to yourself that you face such a situation every day and you chose best for you and you do it every day. You can feel the difference in your attitude as well as self-confidence within.

I have been through this phase. People surrounding me always have negative views and they see more problems rather than helping me to find a solution or motivating me to do best to come out of it. This was time, I felt so depressed and losing my self-confidence in my own beliefs.

But then, one morning I woke up and said to myself “I should never doubt my own capabilities as well as my beliefs because I know I am not wrong. Yes, I have to prove myself and for it, I have to go against all odds. No winner has won a battle without any struggle or without proving his own ability. So how can I give up?”

I began to sense that people who are not confident of themselves, will always have fear of someone who is confident to do something bigger than their thought. People will fear not only success but also the achievement of others who were able to do it.

You got to choose what is important for you? Listening to the negative opinion of others and succumb to it or listening to your own positive mindset and prove to it. You better choose the best one.

Life will give you many opportunities and obstacles; sometimes in disguise while other times, they will come to you straight. You should have that mindset to choose and determination to achieve your goal. Keeping that attitude, you will definitely know the best to choose and which one is in the best interest of your success path.

You should know “No one will help you achieve success until you help yourselves and train yourselves and be determined towards it”

Just a reminder “What others are saying about you is none of your business.. So just keep working until you succeed”

Now Get up… Shout loudly… You choose best for yourselves and You do it everyday.. You will do it till you taste success and till the end.

I chose best for me
I do it everyday…

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Abhishek sanwal
Abhishek sanwal
Founder of Expressify, Author, Fashion Entrepreneur, Passionate, Achiever, MBA-Marketing grad with 8+experience working with one of biggest Indian company TVS-E
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