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Live Shopping – The future of Retail

With the steadily expanding interest in online shopping, trailblazers come up with new concepts to make it a successful and seamless practice in the coming years. One such business pattern that is catching highlights is Live Shopping or Live Video Shopping.

Live online Shopping is a relatively new business reform/trend that connects buyers and retailers in an unfiltered and authentic manner.

During live shopping shows, brands talk about their products, yet overall present their proposal exhaustively. During live streaming shopping, buyers put their inquiries to which brand delegates or hosts can reply progressively. The offered items can customarily be bought directly and take advantage of discounts available during a Live Video Shopping show. Live Streaming Shopping is an effective sales method for engaging and retaining a large digital audience by replicating the in-store shopping experiences.

Brands and retailers alike should think about how they can leverage live streaming shopping and other live video formats to engage with their audiences and increase sales, especially retailers should focus more on live shopping features and creating immersive experiences for customers.

The future of Retail

Covid-19 sped up the adoption of live shopping, offering sufficient space and chance for it to reach global buyers.

Live online shopping or live commerce combines live video content, two-way interaction, entertainment and offers buyers the opportunity to purchase right during a live shopping show. 

For retailers, the advantages of live streaming shopping are endless. Improved Cost per acquisition (CPA), Average session time, Organic traffic, Returning visitor rate and Sales conversion rate.

Live video shopping empowers retailers to foster a more profound relationship with customers because of the promptness of the communication, inciting expanded sales and improved product experiences.

It has become the ideal scaffold between online and in-store shopping, where clients can pose inquiries and get prompt answers easily. This positively affects retailers as live streaming shopping rejuvenates a perfect catalogue, particularly when viewers can see the item being used right in front of their eyes. This likewise serves to help interested buyers to conclude whether to buy during a live shopping show. You can offer customers real-time discounts to engage and improve the customer base that is generally a challenge in the case of physical stores.

The Chinese live shopping market developed from $66 billion in 2019 to more than $170 billion out of 2020.

Live shopping is broadly used to connect with consumers in a couple of ways:

Product demos: Educate while you connect with your customers. Test and try the items for buyers and intrigued clients, responding to any inquiries they may have. Featuring a fashion display or makeup tutorial, live streaming shopping is often informative, engaging, and enlightening.

Collaboration: Inviting celebrities, industry experts, brand advocates or influencers to your show to talk to audiences have a huge impact on your sales as audiences tend to trust these known faces.

Real-time engagement: Face acknowledgement with customers permits brands to develop themselves and associate with their crowd. You can more sufficiently convey your brand’s narrative. For organizations that host Q&A sessions, live interviews and polls etc lead to better customer engagement.

Why integrate Live shopping on your site?

Livestream shopping gives an essential touch of human interaction in a purchasing collaboration that can make the process of live online shopping more reliable. Online shopping is quick and favourable yet the answer for human assistance in online shopping is something brands have since a long time ago needed to incorporate yet haven’t had the option. 

In the financial year 2020, brands and retailers reported increased online sales of 40 per cent to 50 per cent of total sales, up from 20 per cent to 30 per cent in the financial year 2019.

Why Channelize.io?

Channelize.io is a Live Shopping platform provider, giving retail brands a chance to draw in more sales and improve their consumer base and ultimately stay ahead in the game. Integrate a live commerce experience to your Website/platform, with brand control, client checkout and complete transaction data.

Here are some advantages that our platform offers

  • Improves buying experience and boosts sales conversion rate
  • Helps in increasing brand engagement and retention
  • Provides an instant solution to queries of a customer reviewing a product.
  • Offers visual shopping experience

At Channelize.io we offer a wide range of solutions to all different industries like Consumer electronics, automobiles, fashion, travel, tourism, and hospitality, and of course Beauty and cosmetics. This is a chance for retailers to investigate how Livestream shopping finds a way into their online business strategy, associate with us at [email protected] for a demo.

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