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How To Keep The Parked Car In Good Condition For A Long Period Of Time

In the current times when pandemic has changed the dynamics of life, it gets difficult to manage the health and life of our belongings. Cars were being used on a daily basis for the commute to work, grocery, and in other daily grinds. However, where we used to park our cars for a longer time only while going for a vacation now we are parking as using them frequently is not possible. People are choosing to cover the distance by foot as lockdown has restricted them to nearby grocery stores—the main concern of everyone in the protection and maintenance of cars parked for a longer time.  Since cars are valuable assets keeping them in a working and decent condition becomes a concern for everyone. Used car exporters, from their experience, have also emphasized taking strict measures that will improve the life expectancy of your vehicle.

 Few steps that you shouldn’t miss to keep your car safe are:

Ensure Battery’s charging:

A car remaining in an idle state for a long time can lose battery life far quicker than cars being driven regularly. Batteries are charged when the car generator functions and current are produced. This can only occur when cars are switched on and are driven. Usually, when cars are parked for a longer time, people tend to forget that their car batteries are being affected. Used car exporters are of the view that batteries require attention more than any other part of the car. They are the heart of the car because, without them, the car will be of no use. Therefore, to check batteries’ health life and condition becomes a responsibility of a user.

The easiest way to keep batteries charged when the car is to be parked for a long time is to switch on the engine and cover a small distance after every short interval. The length of the interval depends upon the model of the car and the climate of the place. Batteries of new car models can survive a long time without charge than the classic old ones. Similarly, colder climates are not suitable for batteries as compared to hot climates. Set your number of rids according to your car’s model and maintain your battery’s life for a longer time.

Look Out for Flat Spots

A car in a stationary position for days can experience flat spots easily. It happens due to the pressure of the car being exerted on the tires, low quality, or worn-out tires. A vehicle should have tires in optimal conditions because without these, and you will not be able to cover distance at all or in due time. Flat spots may be temporary or turn permanent if not attended at the right time. It is necessary to keep your tires inflated with the standard operating pressure and temperature.

Sometimes, tires gain their original shape when they roll on the roads during a drive. However, if the flat spot remains, then the only solution is to get it replaced. Flat spots can be avoided if timely maintenance is ensured. If you plan to keep your car inactive for more than 30 days, then it is suggested to remove the tires and place the car on jack stands from all sides. It will save you from spending money on buying new pair of tires. The tires will not have to bear the weight of the car for more than a month, and therefore, they will remain in good condition and health.

Refill the Oil

People often neglect to focus on the little things that keep the car in an efficient working condition. Oil plays a major role in the smart functioning of the car. It is advised by used car exporters to change the oil after suggested miles as the oil gets contaminated and impacts negatively on the engine and its parts. If you are planning to park your car for a period undecided, you should change the car’s oil before parking it. Used oil carries contaminants that, when in stationary motion, are not beneficial for the engine. Rather, there is a chance that they will deteriorate the engine’s working quality. Therefore, to maintain your car engine’s life and durability, it is necessary to opt for a suitable oil and change the used one to avoid contaminants hurting your engine.

Wash your car

Now a question might hit your mind that if a car remains unused for days, then why do we need to wash it? It is often registered with used car exporters that the stains of water, chemicals, mud, grease, or dirt have damaged the paint of the car. The stains spoil the paint and leave permanent marks on the car. This harms the outlook of the car and the inner structure as paint protects the car’s body from rust. Therefore, washing becomes necessary before you park the car. The fenders, mudguards, tires, body, and inner part of the car must be clean. One must wash them before you leave your car stationary.

Cover your car

Once you decide not to drive your vehicle for a long duration, you need to spend time choosing the right place. Usually, a garage is the best option to park your cars. However, if you do not have a garage, then look for alternate places to rent. These places will provide shelter to your car from climate changes that affect the car’s functioning and body.

Renting a place might not seem to be a feasible option as it may occur as a burden on your pocket; however, it is necessary to preserve your car and prevent you from huge financial damage by providing a protective place for your car. Also, do not hesitate to spend on a waterproof cover. Used car exporters believe that even if your car is standing under a roof or in the garage, cover it up with a waterproof cover so that leaking roofs, dripping water, chemicals, or any other impurities have no impact on your car.

Wax and Seal

It will be wise to invest in waxing and sealing your car before leaving it in the parking space. Waxing the car makes the surface slippery and seals the paint of the car. It enhances the car’s longevity by not allowing impurities, dust, and other particles to settle on its body. Thereby keeping the paint intact and the car-free from all kinds of contaminants. Moreover, it is better to take precautions than suffer huge losses. You may want to skip this step. However, it will make your car appear as fine as it is when you choose to use it again.

Final Thoughts  

People do not pay attention to prevent their belongings from deteriorating. However, this approach is harmful to them in various aspects, including financial, mental, and physical distress. Used car exporters have suggested that to park cars for a long time, and it is essential to pay heed to these small steps to have a brilliant functioning car even after days of rest. When parked, keep checking your car and address the minor issues which may turn huge in no time. A time to time maintenance will protect your car from declining and worsening in condition.


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