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5 Best Plants To Decorate Your Office Desk With

Well, honestly speaking, some of us are not really fond of the offices, right? Do you belong to this category or are you normal? If you don’t like going to the office and forcing yourself to sit there for like 9 hours straight, then, I can relate, it would be nothing less than a punishment for you right? However, being practical reminds us that we have to work in the office to make a livelihood for us, right? So, wouldn’t it be easier for you if you make peace with your office instead of cribbing everyday while going to the office? Yes, it would be. Hence, we have come up with something that would make the office a better place for you. Guessing what it would be? Well, it is nothing else but plants. Yes, you heard me right. Order plants online and decorate your boring office desk with it. Believe me, it works magically. Having a cool and peaceful office desk might not make you love the office but working with a productive mind for 9 hours could be done easily. Plants help you to have a calm and peaceful mind, thus, having them in your office desk is surely a peaceful way to make peace with your office hours. If you are considering to get some plants for your office desk, then here are 5 recommended plants for you that you would love to have on your office desk. So, let’s dive in!

  • Bamboo Arrangement:

Well, we all have been aware of this plant since this plant is known for the lucky charm and good fortune it brings in our lives, right? Yes, not only the factor that it has the quality to spell good fortune on us, it is also a very strong air purifier. It purifies the air naturally and hence, would make the air fresh for you. The fresh air would help you to have a calm mind and thus would enhance your productivity at work. 

  • Devils Ivy:

Unlike its name, the plant is more like an angelic form for you. The large leaves of this plant that often come in heart-shape, with dark and light green shades on it, make it really captivating. Due to its physical appearance, the plant is highly suitable to be kept on the office desk. So, what could be a nicer and easier way of decorating your house with 

  • Peperomia:

This plant is of smaller size as compared to others. The size makes it a perfect fit for an office desk if you wish to have a low maintenance office desk. This plant is generally found in Central & South America and has a wide range of colours including grey, green, cream and red. This plant can thrive in a fluorescent light thus, their growth in office light is quite successful. So, buy indoor plants online that have such unique qualities and make the office a better working place.

  • Mother-In-Law Tongue:

Regardless of how funny this plant may sound to you but this plant can fit in a smaller to a large holder depending upon the space you have. It is one of the most recommended plants that one should consider having at home or at the office. The best part is yet to come. The plant is so easy to maintain that it requires only a cup of water a week and very little sunlight to thrive properly. This plant is a complete harsh weather survivor and also can bear dark room placement. Another significant feature of this plant is that it is a natural air purifier thus it helps to keep the office environment light and happier. Hence, in case your boss is not in a good mood, this plant would help save many of the employees from your boss’s anger. Yes, thank me later for this.

  • Peace Lily:

Just as the name of this plant suggests, this plant is a peace bringing plant that helps keep us cool most of the time. Additionally, the flower gets beautiful budding flowers, so it would be a treat to your eyes in your office. 

So, these are the 5 most common and recommended flowers that you can keep on your office desk. A beautiful office desk might make your working hours better.

Are you seeking for plants to present to your beloved or yourself? If yes then we would like to announce you to our segment especially dedicated to your nature-loving friends.
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