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Is technology making you smarter?

Have you ever thought whether technology is making you smarter? What if I told you that computers, cell phones, and other gadgets are not just good tools for communication and entertainment, but can help you learn more about your brain? What if I told you that many experts are now claiming that learning to use one of these gadgets can improve your cognitive abilities by as much as sixty percent?

The newest gadgets to hit the market include an iPod that allows users to play videos, music, or even record your audio; a cell phone that can tell you the weather forecast; an MP3 player that lets you store and listen to thousands of songs on your computer, and a video game console that lets you play against others online. As you can see, technology is making us smarter, not only in our everyday lives but in ways that were once thought impossible. Of course, technology has given us plenty of other reasons to use things like the ability to get things done faster, but new technology is not the only thing that helps our brains function better. If you want to learn new skills, learn new things, or just become more alert, then I have some news for you – there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of all these new gadgets and be smarter.

Studies have shown that people’s intelligence can actually be affected by their genetics, by their childhood environment, and even by the food they eat. Now, studies have found that the way they think can be impacted by the things they wear. The study showed that after they have learned a new skill or practised their skills, the more confident they felt, the greater the results.If you’re like most of them, then you probably think of your skills as an extension of who you are. But what if you can change this thinking pattern so that your brain thinks differently about certain things? In other words, what if you could “hack” your thinking pattern to make you smarter?

One of the latest and greatest new gadgets available to the public is a bracelet that changes your brainwaves to help you focus better on your tasks at hand – The Bracelet. “The Bracelet” takes your brainwaves in a very specific pattern, allowing you to train your mind in any area of your life. So basically, this bracelet works to change the way you think – and thus, make you smarter. It’s all thanks to the way that brainwave entertainment works. Brainwave entertainment is when you send out tiny electrical signals through the scalp using headphones or a special headset, which then sends the signals back into the brain. Now you’re probably asking, “what exactly does this do to improve my brainwaves?” In essence, the bracelet is telling my brain what to do with the information that it’s receiving. It helps the brain “remember” what it is supposed to do, even if it’s not currently doing it. Since it’s so small, the brain receives many frequencies, each of which triggers a different response in your brain.

An important thing to remember is there are a lot of things that you can do that will affect your brainwaves. For example, you can get a workout by doing yoga, meditation, taking up weightlifting, or just spending some time on the beach. All these things will give you the right kind of stimulation to your brain and help it to process information properly. These methods will cause your brainwaves to change for your brain to perform better.

What makes these bracelets different from other methods is the fact that they alter your brain wave patterns. This improves your brain’s ability to focus. As a result, you end up being able to focus better and recall and remember more information.
Now, is technology making you smarter? The answer is yes, because these days, all it takes is a few minutes every day and a few clicks on a computer to have the ability to become a better, more intelligent person. By changing your brainwave frequencies, you can become a better person.

So if next time you feel like you don’t know anything anymore, look around at all of the new technologies being offered to you. You may find a new tool to change your thinking patterns.

Brenda Wilson
Hi Readers, I'm a practised writer, editor, and published blogger for more than 15 years of experience. Writing is my passion and I always believe- the words you use only have real power - if you use them correctly.


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