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World Mental Health Day 10th Oct…..Show some love to your mental health too!!!!

Recently the world acknowledged the existence of World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2020. It is an international day for creating awareness and the importance of mental health and education and stands against the social stigma prevailing in the society that this is common in everybody’s life. The World Federation took the initiative to celebrate this Day for Mental Health in the year 1992. Possibly this year we all came to know that this type of Day has been announced.  Thanks to social media, where we have noticed a fair amount of posts shared by various health organisations and mind experts.

Do you know which colour represents the Day?  Green is the colour that represents strength, hope, and encouragement to sufferers.

How do we celebrate this Day? Start talking and discussing how are your feeling to people or near ones. Keep checking your mental health and do not hesitate to share in a comfortable network. Keeping things to yourself doesn’t always help.

Now another question that arises is how to figure out that a person has a mental illness and needs help? Some of the signs can be noted below.

  • Withdrawing oneself totally from social life
  • Long-lasting irritability or sadness
  • Mood swings of highs and lows without any proper reasons
  • Change in eating habits and sleeping patterns
  • Excessive worry, fear anxiety.

Increasing in the cases of depression and anxiety, suicide attempts, suicide, and many other health-related issues have laid down the importance of mental health, including physical health. With the increased use of social media people and specifically the young generation today seems to be living in a fantasy world which they want to achieve anyhow. Some people can maintain the right balance between actual life and imaginary life and do not allow any such things to influence their well-being and mental health. We work hard to accomplish our dreams. But there are  set of people who get depressed and start feeling lonely because they have experienced failure, and they think they are not capable of anything and are losers.

We can see such types of examples in every walk of life. We as humans are facing mental stress and under pressure to be the best right from early childhood till we are matured enough and running a family. Increasing opportunities bring in increasing competition along with it comes the struggle to win the rat race. All of us want to win, which is not possible, and not everyone can handle failure and make up their minds to come back with a bang.

Currently, we all feel that we are living in an era where mental health is at a threat. Let us below try to understand why psychological happiness is being challenged and what we should do cope up with it.

How do I improve my mental health? First of all, a person in any mental illness must be ready to come out of it and accept that he or she is suffering from a disease that does not show physically, but it has become a part of your personality. So if a person has accepted to and decided to come out of it here are some tips:

  • Talk openly about your feelings with people who can help you feel better and help you stay in good mental health. You may not always be able to possible to meet the person face to face but do keep some friends or family members close enough to talk over the phone also at any point in time. Sharing during dark days has a medicinal effect.
  • Do exercise or any other form like Yoga, aerobics, etc. It will help you boost your self-esteem and make you look better and feel better.
  • Eat healthily and on time. Do not skip meals or overeat out of mood swings rather actual hunger. A good diet not only helps for an excellent physical but also mental health.
  • Get rid of alcohol if you feel if it makes you feel better. But you think it makes you feel good, then it is only temporary and soon you will be addicted to it and will add to your mental problems. It is popularly promoted that alcohol helps you forget your worries and fears but is just for the time being till the time you are in its effect!!
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help. Whenever you feel that you are overloaded with work or even in business, try to find out ways and means to lessen the load. You will not be crowned at the end of the Day for managing it alone full of stress and maybe with some mistakes at the end. Take help from your colleagues and co-workers; there is nothing wrong with it and in turn, form an attitude to help them too in their hour of need.
  • Take a break we all need a change from our daily routine. Taking a break will only increase your efficiency to work, and you will be more relaxed and energetic from inside. It can be a mini-vacation for some days or even a short break from work off the desk going out for tea or coffee will help you release the stress.
  • Accept yourself as you are. We all have humans with our sets of proficiency. Form a habit to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and say to yourself “You are beautiful and a unique child of God” I love you”. Finding it crazy to say?? Trust me doing this will make you feel loved. Respect yourself no matter what. Do not fill yourself with guilt for any mistake. There is always a next time and make sure you hit the target with a bang.
  • Care for others as well. We as humans need people around to feel good and happy. Take care of the emotions of your near and dear ones. In case of any argument, clear it right away rather than making it a big issue later.

Hope you find the article helpful in some way. Nothing is lost till the time we feel it is lost. There is always a new beginning to restart your life by giving a second chance.

Do not stress too much!!!! Take life as it is!!!! Be ready to accept the change!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Hello, This is Rutvi Jani a professional blogger. I am passionate about writing about insurance, spirituality, positive thinking, recipes, health, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe " Shift your words and the world will change for you ". Contact me if you want me to write an article for you - mailto@condescending-kapitsa.45-76-118-211.plesk.page
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