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Technology race of virtual reality and augmented reality

Technology is growing very faster. Every day we have some new discoveries. Technology is changing the way we live, think, and see the world. In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology. Augmented reality and virtual reality are the two ways we look at this technological world.

Technology race of virtual reality:

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality means creating an artificial environment with the help of software that the user started believing it as a reality. It is a computer-generated environment. It uses a person’s sense of sound and sight. 3D technology is its simplest form. This virtual reality is benefiting the world in many ways and in many fields. This includes sports, art, education, entertainment, media, and architecture, military, and even in the health sector also. The device which is used is a virtual reality headset or virtual reality helmet.

The main goal of virtual reality is to provide human beings with a virtual or a computer-generated environment that made their interaction with the computer as they interact in the real world. Some of the virtual reality technology includes Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

Educational benefits of virtual reality:

You learn more by the visuals as compare to text. It is easiest to understand the things or phenomena which are elaborated to rather than you read them or only listen about them. There are less confusion and a better understanding of learning through visuals. Virtual reality is changing the environment of the classroom and the method of teaching. The standard of education is growing up because of it. Content Writing Services favors virtual reality as it gave students an immersive experience. It also increases the interest of the students and helps in increasing the creativity of the students.

Virtual reality and military:

The military started using virtual reality even before the commercial world. Virtual reality is becoming a part of military training, whether it is the air force, navy, or army. They created different scenarios or situation which an army officer or a soldier could face. They could practice how to behave in a certain situation. They could easily complete their training without any danger or injury. And it also does not cost a lot. The military uses virtual reality in flight simulation,  battlefield simulation, vehicle simulation, virtual boot camp, and medical training for the battlefield. They use the head-mounted display (HMD) and combat visualization for training.

Virtual reality in sports and games:

Virtual reality is used to analyze the performance and the techniques of the athlete. It is a training aid for many sports such as skiing, golf, athletic, and cycling.

Virtual reality has become a significant part of the gaming world. Virtual reality gaming central aspect is its 3D environment, which increases the interest of the player and makes the gaming more thrilling. The equipment required for virtual reality gaming is the headset, hand controller and sensor-equipped gloves, and so on. High-end computers gave you the best virtual environment. For playing virtual reality games on mobile, the mobile manufacturing companies had introduced their equipment.  

Virtual reality and the entertainment world:

The entertainment world is using virtual reality with great enthusiasm. They are considering it as the most important part of the entertainment industry in the future. Virtual reality is growing faster in the entertainment industry. The music industry is using virtual reality for the people who are not able to attend live concerts or in this COVID time when the crowd could not gather.

Augmented reality and technology race:

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is the enhanced and computer-generated version of the real world. It is the 3D combination of virtual and real things that exist in our physical world. It combines the real world with virtual works. Augmented reality adds sounds and graphics into the existing natural environment. Some digital information is added to the real existing physical world.

Augmented reality requires a camera, sensor, digital compass, CPU, GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope.  All the data about the interaction of the user is collected and then get processed. With the help of a camera, the device generates the 3D models of the physical objects that are scanned by the camera.

Augmented reality and U.S army:

The U.S army is using a technology called Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) which helps the soldiers to locate the location of others as well as themselves. It is said that later on, Tactical Augmented Reality would replace the night glasses. The U.S army is using augmented reality to improve their awareness and judgments about the situations.


In the past the Disney also used, or avail augmented reality. They had introduced the 3D coloring books which were liked by the kids very much.

Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Although augmented reality and artificial intelligence are two entirely different technologies but together that is used more innovatively, Artificial Intelligence could be used in augmented reality scenes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps in making the 3D image of the physical objects. It enhances the effects of augmented reality.

Head-mounted display and eyeglass: 

The head-mounted display (HMD), or some different type of eyeglasses are worn in augmented reality. The head-mounted display is worn over the forehead and shows the image in both the virtual and physical world.

 The eyeglasses used in augmented reality had a camera in them, and they change the physical objects into digital form when a person saw through those glasses.

Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality:

Although virtual reality and augmented reality seems similar, they are different from each other, following are some of the differences between them.

  • Virtual reality is besides the real physical world. They are completely artificial computer-generated environments and scenarios while augmented reality adds the digital aspect into the real existing physical world.

With virtual reality, you can run and fight with the wild animals in a jungle. But with the augmented reality you could not do so. Instead of it, any wild animal or a lion could poop out of your debit or business card.

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