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How to choose a Hobby

How to choose a New Hobby or a Hobby? Do you find the line surprising as you might feel that this is known to every person? But it is not the case with many people. This group belongs to people who are so much engrossed in their lives and responsibilities that they have forgotten to spend time on their happiness.

And here we will go through some suggestions to help you to make a good choice to develop a new hobby based on your current lifestyle and preferences.

Trying to figure out as to what to do during your leisure time or evenings can be a tough job for many. This can be too cheesy for an adult especially if drinking or partying is not his liking. When you are in a dilemma about what to choose all the common options seem to be too lame.

Knitting is for older ladies, sports….oh I have never liked sports, biking or gaming oh am I kid?

Having a hobby is not always a time filler it has to be something which makes you feel excited and eagerly wait for the time when you will be doing it.

Let us go through some tips:

When did you last forget to eat: Do you remember when it was last when you didn’t realise that you skipped lunch or dinner because you were so much engrossed in doing a particular activity. Perhaps you did not realise this is the thing you love to do and would like to take it forward and devote more time.  Take a look behind and try to figure out the reason why you love a certain interest and see if you can apply it to be your hobby. Well, this may require a little bit of brainstorming and you may find it a bit difficult but later it will seem to be much easier then you had thought of.         

Identify what you want to change in yourself: In this world of social media you keep watching end number of things every day and you must have thought “I wish even I can do this one day”. This can be anything like learning meditation, uploading cooking videos, kitchen hacks, gardening tips, motivational videos, and the list goes on and on, etc. It can also be small things like, trying to be a perfectionist, be more organised, decorating your home, managing your house garden, and what not? Just try to identify what you love doing the most and that’s it…Go ahead.

What is it that makes you forget your bad day: We all have bad days and at the end of the day you feel like what should I do to change the mood? It may be reading a book while sipping your favorite cup of coffee or maybe playing the piano or a Guitar or going for a walk. As soon as you get yourself involved you start enjoying it and feel relaxed and better. It can also be cooking your favorite dish too

Check on your past hobbies: Try to drill through your past and childhood. Probably you already had a hobby but left it half or forgot about it. It may be that you were fond of writing and left it halfway, writing poems, songs, etc.  Check your books where you noted down many things, you had always dreamt of learning to sing, dance, or play a musical instrument but couldn’t pursue it further? These are a few examples and you might be having many more. Just clean up the dirt on your memory lane and there will be sparkling work done by you in the past and which is waiting for you to touch it again

Finding something which makes you feel creatively happy and filled with life and happiness may be a tough task in the beginning but all the efforts will pay off once it becomes part of your personality. You will find a lot of positive changes in you and you will start loving yourself.

Try it out, my friend!!!!!  All the best!!!!



Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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