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How Cosmetics Affect the Environment

Ingredients in Cosmetics

How do you look at the environmental hazards of the ingredients in cosmetics? What about the risks of applying these chemical substances to your skin. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found a number of common chemicals in cosmetics that are considered “known” carcinogens. You would think that an industry which makes up half of the cosmetics products in the USA would be stricter than this, but it is not. Why?


Environmentalists and Animal Rights

Environmentalists and animal rights activists in the US have consistently fought for safer cosmetic products. Environmental testing on chemicals used in cosmetics is inadequate. Most testing is done by the Environmental Working Group of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is part of the US Environmental Protection Agency. So why aren’t there laws dictating that cosmetics manufacturers abide by these laws?

The US Government Accountability Office has said that the EPA lacks power to regulate cosmetics manufacturing. Why? Because the chemicals in cosmetics are not controlled by the government. They are not governed by the Federal Drug Administration or the Food and Drug Administration. Why is this?


Dangerous Chemicals

Well, if the cosmetics companies didn’t use these chemicals in their products they wouldn’t be in business. This is one mystery that the powers that be seem to be trying to keep secret. Cosmetics companies want to continue to manufacture their product lines with these dangerous chemicals.


Less Toxic Compounds

If the cosmetics company was to begin producing their products without using chemical agents, they would have to pay the price. Environmental toxins are avoided when you use only natural ingredients. The reason natural ingredients are more effective is because they are absorbed into the skin quicker and are more effective. So the cosmetics company doesn’t have to add additional chemicals. They can use more natural ingredients and make less toxic compounds.


Petroleum Based Chemical 

One of the most common chemicals found in cosmetics is parabens. It is a petroleum based chemical that is added because it is cheaper to use. Many consumers think that parabens are safe since they haven’t been linked to any negative health effects. However, some studies have found that the use of parabens may cause cancer.

The toxins found in cosmetics can also contaminate the water supply. Environmental toxins are getting into the water supply and contaminating water systems. This is why many cities are banning the use of many chemicals in their tap water. The types of chemicals that are most commonly found in cosmetics products are dioxins, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, and acetone. These types of chemicals are thought to be carcinogens. How cosmetics affect the environment by not using safe ingredients.


Lotions and Skin Creams

Dioxane is used as a preservative in lotions and skin creams. The idea is that if the product needs to remain shelf stable for long periods of time it will preserve its usefulness. But, research has shown that when dioxane is inhaled, the body absorbs it has been linked to breast cancer. So, how cosmetics affect the environment becomes a real question.

Phthalates is a component of many personal care products. It is used as an “oily deodorizer”. This chemical has been shown to cause a variety of reproductive problems including, birth defects, sexual dysfunction, development problems, infertility, and cancer. It has also been linked to nervous disorders, cardiovascular problems, and behavioral problems. Cosmetics containing phthalates should not be used on the skin.


Petroleum-Based Ingredients 

The petroleum-based ingredients present in fragrances and bronzing products tend to contain benzene and toluene. Both of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Cosmetics containing these types of ingredients should not be used by anyone who has existing health problems or allergies. How cosmetics affect the environment is worsened when mixed with other chemicals. Some of these are cancer causing toxins.

Some products have been developed that do not include these toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. One of the better companies has developed an all-natural formula that is very safe for the skin and does not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. These formulas do not have to meet State or federal guidelines on how cosmetics are tested for safety, but they do meet the guidelines on how they advertise their product.


Cosmetics Affect the Environment

The advertising that is done on how cosmetics affect the environment may actually be more dangerous than the chemicals that are included in the products themselves. Everyone has seen the advertisements that have pictures of wrinkle free skin on the models. That is a lie. There are no wrinkle-free products on the market that do not contain some form of chemical preservative or additive. The fact is that many of the chemicals that are used in the production of these products have been proven to be carcinogenic in nature. If you want healthy skin then you should be shopping for products that are made from natural ingredients.

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