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How Can Zero Down Payment Two-Wheeler Loan Profit You The Best?

Nothing can beat the thrill of riding your own two-wheeler. Especially, when you’re residing in a metropolitan area where the traffic can be a hassle, the two-wheeler is the best option for you. Having your own two-wheeler vehicle can be extremely profitable for you. You can commute to the workplace within time or even go on a road trip.

With an economical two-wheeler, commuting to places and travelling long distances within the city will become a piece of cake for you. However, shelling out huge sums of money to buy a bike or scooter can be an expensive affair. But, like every problem, this one has a solution, as well.

You can consider applying for a zero down payment two wheeler loan, through which you can obtain your dream two-wheeler without spending a single rupee from your own pocket. Sounds so unreal, right? Well, it’s absolutely true!
Zero down payment loan or two-wheelers only asks the buyer for the nominal processing fee upon the loan amount. This loan type gets your 100% finance for the vehicle’s cost.

Down Payment on a Loan

A down payment is an initial contribution that a customer needs to make from their own pocket. The payment is made for any high-value purchase, for example, house, vehicle, land, etc. However, in the event of a two-wheeler loan, the finance lender keeps a particular margin before disbursing the total amount to you.

The margin amount is the difference between the approved loan amount and the actual vehicle cost. The margin can be within 5% – 15% of the actual cost of the two-wheeler. Then, the authorised lender grants 85% – 90% of the value of the particular two-wheeler as funds.
Let us grab an example. The bike you wish to buy is supposedly ₹85,000. If the down payment for your two-wheeler is 10%, in that case, you have to settle ₹8,500 upfront. And the remaining amount will be organised by the lender in the form of a two-wheeler loan.

The Concept of Zero Down Payment Two-Wheeler Loan

For no deposit two-wheeler loan, the financial institution doesn’t call for a financial contribution from your side. Instead, the lender finances the whole value of the carrier. Hence, the buyer can expect 100% financing from the lender upon your purchase. There are no hidden or additional fees at hand or liquidity to borrow funds. Additionally, you can experience the liberty of choosing a two-wheeler brand, make and model before even applying for the loan.

Highlights & Advantages of a Two-Wheeler Loan

Below are some features and advantages of a zero down payment two-wheeler loan:

• Salaried, as well as self-employed person, can apply for this loan.
• You’ll get an interest rate between 8% – 28% per annum.
• Applying for a loan to a financial institution is easy.
• You’ll get instant loan approval.
• You can arrange a loan value of up to ₹30 lakhs.
• Minimal documentation required and swift disbursal.
• A flexible & custom reparation schedule is available.


Zero down payment two wheeler loan is the best option for your two-wheeler financing as this loan doesn’t ask you to shell out any capital from your own pocket at the initial stage of obtaining the vehicle. You have complete freedom to decide from different repayment options.

Sapna Gandhi
Sapna Gandhi
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