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14 Proven Ways to Connect with Customers:

In the digital world, connecting to customers is not a difficult task. However, getting their attention and engaging them can be tricky. If you are sharing posts on your social media blogs and sending emails twice a week, you may be on the right track. But are you getting enough response back?

If you actually give awesome products and services, customer loves to connect. It is only a matter of the way how you connect. Sometimes, they love to hear a call about ongoing sales or reading an email if a new product is launched. Continue reading to find out more ways to connect to your customers.

1. Know the need of your customers:

You can run different surveys to find out what your customers want. You can use the criticism to know what is it that you are lacking, what changes should be made. Surveys can help you find out the reviews of customers. You can make out a simple google forum and circulate it through social media sites or via email.

2. Greet them well:

You can start with “how are you doing sir today?” or “how was your day”. A little conversation starter can enlighten their mood. According to different surveys, companies with actual humans instead of bots have better customer responses.

3. Use text messages:

Yes, we know nobody uses texts to communicate in this era.  But a simple text about updates of your company is a great gesture. SMS is cost-effective, and every person with a cell phone knows how it works. Making a text is the simplest way for local businesses to connect with customers.

4. Share surveys:

If you aren’t sure what your customers want, listen to them. Several theme parks, theaters, restaurants, and school systems sent out surveys during Covid-19 to understand the concerns of their customers. They could then implement changes to ensure customers felt safe and comfortable when they returned after lockdown. Will your customers feel safe visiting your business? What steps do they expect your staff to take? Getting answers to these questions can help you plan for your re-opening and attracting as many customers as possible. When sending surveys, consider the many platforms available to you, including Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Survey on Facebook. You may also have polling features built into your CRM system. For example, Zoho offers Zoho surveys, which makes it easier to analyze the data alongside customer information. Build the Connection: Make calls to your top customers and clients instead of sending a survey. Show them that you care deeply about their insights and want to have a genuine and authentic conversation.

5. Offer giveaways:

Host contests and giveaways to engage your customers. These can be immediate giveaways (i.e. a favorite product delivered in a contactless manner) or contests for events held once you re-open. The key to driving engagement is offering something customers really want. To do so, consider your top-rated products, most popular dishes, our most-requested services—this will guide what you choose to give away. When running the contest, commit to the promotion to drive entries. This means posting about the contest regularly for its duration on all platforms. You may even want to promote it on your website and via email marketing to drive more interest. Don’t forget about contest rules and regulations, which you can learn about in this guide from Woobox.

6. Update website content:

Never underestimate the power of great website content to connect with customers. If you haven’t given your web copy an update in a while, or haven’t published any blog posts in recent months, now is the time to dive in. Give your customers something to connect with when they land on your website. When updating, focus on telling a story that’s engaging, that’s on-brand, educational, and entertaining. For example, one tactic you can use is call-backs.

7. Live stream events or updates:

The future of online customer communication is Live. In April 2020, Instagram saw a 70 percent.

increase in live streaming, as reported by Business Insider. If you’re hesitant to dive into live streaming, wary of the time, money, and other resources required, you’re in luck. You don’t need professional lighting and expensive camera equipment to reach out to customers. Just grab your phone or laptop, jump onto Facebook or Instagram Live, and start streaming!

8. Answer questions of customers:

Try to answer all the queries of tour customers. Great customer service can result in building perfect relations with customers. It is as important as the services you provide. Also, ask about the service, if they are satisfied or not. There is always room for improvement.

9. Make them know that you care for them:

Money customers feel like a lot of companies treat them like sheep. Once the purpose is over, there is no feedback call, no one to return to messages or emails. In a pandemic, everything was happening over the internet.  Show the support via email, listen to them, and solve their problems.

10. Follow up after a call:

Sending an email after a follow-up call is also a great method to be connected with your customer. It will make them feel valued. It can be about anything, like how was the call, how was the service, and so on.

11. Do not use the one-email-to-send-to all method:

No one opens spam folders or random emails. Even your spam folder is full of different brand emails. Do you want your company’s email to go directly into spam too? I guess, the answer is no. so, try sending an email starting with their name. it will surely get their attention.

12. Reply to negative comments:

All the brands appreciate their regular customers. They seem to ignore the bad comments like there is none. There are always those who had some bad experience even if you are doing your job 100% fine. Things can go wrong; it is better to accept the reality and satisfy them. Those reading the comments can be attracted to you over such a great gesture.

13. Share your secret:

Tell your representative to be more friendly and frank with customers. Ask them about their daily routine. Tell them about how this company was established. Try building a customer/buyer bond.

14. Offer gifts:

Instead of investing hundreds on marketing. Start with something new, give discounts and free giveaways. In that way, they will tell friends about and do the marketing for you. check out the marketing style of getyourpetcertified it is an extraordinary site that issues emotional support animal letter for those who need them.

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