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Dilemmas And Challenges Of a Working Mother

Being a mother itself is a challenge, and being a working mom is a more significant challenge to deal with. Working mom is always in a dilemma to set her priorities regarding whether she does prioritize work or family first. Every day comes with challenges to smoothen up the things, so that unnecessary mess and chaos to avoid. But still, every mom tries to be a perfectionist and feels that she has missed the goal most of the time. Managing things is more comfortable if the kids are grown up. Still, the situation becomes more challenging if the child is a newborn.

Rules and laws across the globe have undergone some positive changes to ease up the process of managing both ends and make things easier for a working mom. To begin with, every mother should be aware of the laws and acts related to work. Get in touch with the Human Resource department and check details regarding when and how many leaves you can take. Get hold of the Medical leave act of your Company and clear all your doubts beforehand.

Apart from knowing your rights and benefits in the organizations here are some tips to help you deal well at both the fronts.

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  • Choose the Company you work with wisely: Though you don’t have many choices every time you can turn out to be lucky, you never know. Choose a Company that is ready to adjust with you for the timings part. Flexible timings and work from home options in case of emergency options will be suitable for you. Get this point cleared with your Company in advance if you are looking to change the job.
  • Do not stress for perfection: Do not run for the title of supermom. It is okay if you are not one and do not drag and push yourself, managing all fronts to perfection. Take care of your health and wellness too. It is not necessary to please everyone all the time. Just try to put in your best, and time will pass by. Just set your priorities in the household chores as well as you to do at the work front. Do not try to manage all in one go else you will end up no more and creating more mess for yourself.
  • Motivate your kids to help: If you have grown up kids, then make them part of your housework. Motivate them to help you wherever possible. Reward them for their efforts. Make cleaning like a fun game to make kids feel excited to do rather than doing it forcibly. The best of this you feel like spending time with kids and getting the work done simultaneously.
  • Set priorities: Make a To-Do List for house management as well; this will help your figure out what things are urgent and what are not. Try to manage the work as per the list to ease your mental stress and keep putting tick marks once done. It will help you feel relaxed and give you a sense of achievement no matter it is just a small thing to do. Ensure to get the groceries and other required items stored in advance during the weekends when you go shopping to have a waste of time during the weekdays when you are already running out of time.
  • Prepare in advance: If you are having school going kids, then develop the habit in them to pack their bags and arrange their uniforms before going to bed. Decide what you want to give them for lunch and make necessary preparations in advance to avoid the mess in the morning. You can arrange things on the kitchen platform to save time the next day morning.
  • Try shorter route: It may often happen that you do not have enough time to shop for things as you have worked at an office or had to sit back late for some reason. Let your options ready, like ordering the stuff online, collecting food for kids at home, informing the caretaker to stay around for a long time until you are back if your husband won’t be reaching on time too. You do not have any other family members at home.
  • Develop your caliber to do multi-tasking: After some time now, you are a trained working mom, and you can figure out which tasks at work and home can be merged and done in one go, will ease up your load and trust me soon, and you will be a pro in doing this.
  • Meditate: This is a much-required thing to do. Meditation will increase your capacity to work and help you keep a mental balance. You might say where to find the time where I am anyways running out of time. But dear, I am not suggesting you do this for hours; just for 10-15 minutes will be enough. Try it; this will cover up your time gaps well as your mind will be peaceful in all situations. You will be away from anxiety and depression, which is a common problem in most moms nowadays.
  • Cooking: This is the most significant area of management, and where family members have different choices, it will be even more difficult. You always have the option of engaging a house help. Still, everybody cannot afford it as they charge relatively high. Taking the use of family members is still good. On the other hand, try to make preparations during the weekends like arranging things in the kitchen and refrigerator in a manner you can grab them quickly. Cutting veggies in advance or getting readymade chopped veggies. Make curries and store them in the freezer, and do not take the pressure to cook everything meal at home. Getting some stuff readymade is okay, provided you are not compromising on the hygiene and health standards.

Time management is always a challenging task for a working mom in any part of the globe. But it is all in the mindset. Be ready to change with the time, and do not run for perfection. Do not stress for things which are not in your hand. If you want to make a career and apart from that be a helping hand in raising income for your family you have to sacrifice certain things. After all, you are doing for the betterment of all.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Life is not easy for all, and we should take it as it comes.

Happy working !!!! Happy mom !!! Happy life and family!!!

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