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Crane Up Your Restaurant Business By Launching The Ubereats Clone

Greetings! The contemporary time of technological advancements has heightened the on-demand businesses. Food delivery has been the prime business sector that is of the highest demand among users. Since the number of food delivery apps has been skyrocketing, many restaurants are in dire need of either partnering with a food aggregator app or implementing their own app.

If a restaurant joins hands with aggregator apps for deliveries, then they must pay a huge amount of commission charges. So, to escape from the commission charges, they can develop their own app, and own all the profits. From this blog, you will know the value of developing an app for your restaurant.

Strong points of developing a food ordering and delivery app

Intensify the number of orders

First things first. Why do you think that restaurants are developing their own apps or just partnering with marketplace apps? The ultimate objective is to popularize their restaurants, thereby jacking up the orders. The reason is as simple as that. 

So, if you have an online ordering and delivery app, you have grabbed the chance of attracting users to place more orders. On the flip side, if your restaurant has only the dine-in facilities, then probably you will have to take the back seat.

The main thing here is, keep your app as simple as possible because your users must feel easy to place orders via your app.

Easy to manage

Management activities are no longer hectic as you can oversee the orders, deliveries, payments, etc., single-handedly through the admin dashboard. In general, in your restaurant business, you will employ staff for managing orders, deliveries, inventory, payments, etc. 

But with a restaurant application, you can examine the overall functioning of your restaurant as the app is designed to handle all the operations like inventory management, tracking orders/deliveries, payments, etc. Ultimately, you can manage your business with the highest convenience.

Convenient for customers

Ordering food online and getting them at the doorstep is, of course, convenient for customers. The moment a customer feels hungry or craves a food item, he/she can immediately open the app, look at the menu, select the quantity, and make the payment.

Within 30-minutes, the customer will get the food on their hand. What’s more convenient than this? Also, nowadays, people are high on making digital transactions instead of cash on delivery. So, with your restaurant app, they can place orders, make the payment, and get the order delivered, everything with a bag of convenience.


Accuracy is again a key ingredient of your restaurant business. In manual restaurant operation, chances are there where you cannot achieve accuracy. For instance, your restaurant waiter is taking orders from your customers. The chances are high that your waiter may misinterpret the name of the food item or the quantity of the items. Yes, this can be avoided if you implement an online ordering application that will fetch you accurate information.

If you achieve accuracy, then your business process will be smooth, and so will be customer satisfaction.

Easy to study the customers’ choices

Knowing your customers’ choices is the key to grow your business. In general, knowing the consumers’ preferences is employed in every stage of the business process. For example, while starting a business, you will first analyze the consumers’ behaviors. Only after knowing what they prefer can you roll out your business. This scenario is at the top of the funnel. 

Next, what is the purpose of rolling out an MVP? The purpose is to know the performance of the app, and of course, to know the users’ choices. This scenario is in the middle of the funnel. Finally, after launching your app, and when you are at the growth stage, then again you will need to collect the users’ preferences in order to lift the growth.

At every stage, you need to collect the users’ data, study them, and implement them in your business. Now, let us discuss the role of an online ordering application in collecting the users’ data. Similar to other features, the app has an analytics feature that will store the users’ behavior patterns inside the app, sums up, and prepares a report. Based on the report, you can perform the necessary optimization.

Marketing and customer engagement

Welcome to the crux! Marketing is the core of every business, as it plays a vital role in bringing customers. Before this, we were analyzing the different benefits of having an app. Here, we shall see how you can market your business through the app.

For example, one of your customers clicks on a food item, adds the item to the cart but fails to make the purchase. In those cases, you can send push notifications in order to push them to purchase the item. Another benefit is that you can easily surprise your customers with cashback, loyalty points, and discounts through the app. All these falls under marketing, right?

Final thoughts

Thus, you can achieve all your business objectives by developing an app for your restaurant. As of now, the UberEats clone is the eminent app solution for the food delivery business. So, to create an app like UberEats, first, analyze the type of features you need in your app, prepare the other app requirements, and approach a developer.

Angelina is a growth hacker.
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