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Challenges of a New Mother

Motherhood is a dream come true for every woman. It is a blessing of God, and with the entry of a new family member comes the thrill of becoming a MOM and face the challenges. Every mom passes through some confusion. In the beginning, to figure out what does the baby want or is suffering from. Every single day postdelivery becomes challenging and is a new experience as well. All mothers have different stories, and dealing with them is always the story they have to tell.

Earlystage mothers are trying to keep up with the babys comfort, sleep, and making sure that other household chores are carried out effectively. Below are tips that will assist you to keep up with the changing life.

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Breastfeeding: This is new both to the mother and the child, as none know anything about it. Mom strives hard to feed the baby comfortably, and on the other hand, the baby is trying hard to get used to the technique. Another issue is milk feeding, baby not latching, etc. Don’t be bothered, my dear. It happens with every firsttime mother. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance and guidance from a doctor or an experienced mother. It is only a matter of time, and soon you will also excel that part of motherhood too.
Sleepdeprived: When you are trying to make your child feel comfortable to sleep in peace all the time, and at the same time, you are sleep deprived. This is the biggest concern for every mother and blessed is are the mothers whose baby sleeps well right from the beginning. When the mother lies down, thinking the baby is fast asleep; the next moment, the baby will start crying. This occurs in every house where there is an arrival of a newborn. Seek help before the lack of good sleep starts affecting your health. Continuous lack of good sleep leads to mood swings, irritation, frustration, and emotional and mental breakdown. Seek help from your family members and let them take care of the baby until you have enough sleep.

ME Time all gone for a toss: Oh no, no.please, dont think this way!!! There is always a way out if you want to opt for one. I agree that the number of occasions for you to have your ME Time would be lesser than before but not a ZERO at all. Apart from that, you will not be ready to give yourself time at the cost of your babys health and wellbeing. The first person to ask for is your family, and you can tell your husband or a family member to babysit for some time till you go for some shopping or a coffee with friends. Meet friends who are already parents or are about to so that they may easily relate to your plight and lend you a helping hand.

Out of shape: Yes, it is of the fact that some get out of the body immediately they give birth while some women are sanctified to have not lost shape at all. However, the number of such women is relatively less than those who lose body shape with motherhood. Not to worry, my dear….it is all a matter of time, and if you wish to be back in form, no one can stop you. You can start with mild workouts at home, keeping a watch on a diet is anyways necessary since you are breastfeeding. Give yourself small targets of exercises every day and gradually increase them once the baby goes into a routine. You, too, will be able to follow a routine well. You are a mother now, and the glow that you have on your face is invaluable.

The pain hurts: being a mother is not easy, and for mothers who have gone through expected delivery, giving birth to a child is like a rebirth for a mother too. The labor pain is excruciating. It is a fear that every mother has in mind once the delivery date approaches. On the other hand, a C section is equally painful, stitches, anesthesia effects, headache, etc. however, the symptoms vary from person to person. But do not worry; all will fade away once time passes. Stitches and wounds will heal, and pain will go away too. Take the help of your family and the guidance of consulting doctors in case of acute pain.
What baby wants: It is often said that the mother knows the best what the baby wants. In the beginning, dealing with this part of motherhood will be like a question paper every day. But trust me, this too wont last for long. Eventually, you will be the best person to figure out what the baby wants. Whether he is sleepy, hungry has pooped, etc. The babys only way of expressing what it wants is only through crying, and you will have to make out what it wants. It will be like an everyday puzzle, but you will be able to master to solve it in no time. Just be patient and let the time pass by.

Mood swings: Postpartum blues is a widespread problem noticed in 50 to 80% of mothers. In most cases, the baby blues are temporary and stay for around two days to two weeks. Along with baby blues, mom also suffers from mood swings like getting irritated, exhausted, fatigue, etc. You, as a mom, can come out of this by talking about this to near and dear ones. Do not keep things to yourself. Make a habit of sharing so that you feel relaxed and get away out as well.

You need to thank Mother Nature, who has given you the privilege to give birth to a life. She will provide you with the required strength and energy to overcome this initial phase of motherhood, the best gift of nature.

Love your child !!! Thank God !!! Bless your child !!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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