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Effects of Social Media on Youth

We cannot deny the fact that social media is ruling our life. Social media’s effects seem to have affected the youth the most out of the other age groups. When a person gets free from his work, whether it is household work or office work, the person immediately grabs the phone and starts checking the updates on social media. The young generation is getting carried away by social media to a considerable extent, and the effect of the same is both positive and harmful. But the negative part is that, in most cases, they are not integrated into marketing, business, or academic goals.

Youngsters spending too much time on cell phones is a rising concern for every parent. We are finding a lot of negative things related to the irrelevant usage of social media, which affects not only academic life but also the career and social and mental wellness of the youth. It is the fastest-growing addiction, which is having some severe repercussions on the overall experience.

The life shown on social media is virtual; it means the life which people want to see and not the experience. Realities of actual life are far more different from what is shown on social media posts. People are incurring debts to make their social media life look good and as per the current trend. Weekend posts of chilling out in bars, fancy restaurants, shopping at branded stores, buying expensive gadgets, etc. to show off to their friends and family that they are also in vogue. This is a kind of race in which people are running breathlessly to fulfill their desires, which is nothing but just getting carried away, envying others’ possessions.
Another dark aspect is bullying, which youngsters have fun doing, which is ok if it is limited. The day it leads to cyberbullying, the situation becomes alarming, leading to suicides, depression, and other serious mental and health issues. Cyberbullying is a criminal offense and is punishable under the law. Hence being a parent, you need to be watchful about what your teens are doing no matter if they won’t like to interfere in their lives. Still, it is ok as being a parent, and it’s your duty and right to keep an eye on them.

Some youngsters are so much influenced by the posts that they want to change their appearance and want to be like them, which is good if it is for the betterment but not advisable at all if it is leading to kind of madness to be like them at any cost.
We have heard about the famous saying that there are always two sides of the same coin. So along with a list of negatives, there are positive things too.

The young generation of the 21st century is far smarter and intelligent and knows its worth and how to use it. They very well know how to manage their resources for their betterment.

Social media helps you get recognition very quickly and easily. We have seen young people getting famous on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms for their uniqueness in presenting their skills like singing, online classes, motivational speakers, mimic artists, stand-up comedians, and whatnot. The list is too long. We all love following and watching these channels and are the subscribers also. No other platform can give you such a massive audience with just some clicks and minimum cost. What you should be having is the uniqueness of what you are putting forward better than your competitors. Social media not only gives you recognition but also becomes a good source of earning.

Another advantage which is why social media became very popular is making friends and increasing your group. People of similar interests can find each other easily. Those looking for academic or career-related guidance can get the required information relatively quickly and most of the time, at no cost.

Marketing becomes easier for any new start-up or existing business. Running advertisements on social media will give you more viewership than on television or any other advertising option. Your company brand, product, and Company will get a large platform to provide you with recognition very quickly provided you have a USP to offer. The young generation is anyways flooded with ideas. Every second day, we see a new ad coming up, offering something that is never provided online.

We understand that all cannot have a tremendous and successful academic career and those whose academics have not been good for one reason or the other, but having some creativity within can use social media to show it to the world. Online classes, tutorials, online seminars, etc.; there are so many options you get here. So if you are not successful in your academics but are good at other skills, then this is the place for you to achieve your desired goals with the career option of your choice.

To sum up, anything used in limits is good, and going beyond limits will lead to other drawbacks. Parenting here plays a very vital role in handling the teens in a friendly manner and not by forcibly stopping them. As anything done by force will not last long, they will soon find alternative ways to fulfill their desires. In the case of a parent, you find it challenging to handle, consult a counselor or an expert seeking their advice. Whatever the point, maybe being a parent, you cannot afford to let your child do things that are not suitable for their life ahead. Stop them before it’s too late. Make parent and child relation a friendly one where your child can come and speak to you about anything without fear. They should feel that their parents are always there to help them in whatever difficult situation.
I hope you found this analytical post useful.
Happy parenting!!! Happy Family Life!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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