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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Gadgets

What are the gadgets? It is a small mechanical or electrical device or a tool that has a particular function and is sometimes referred to as gizmos. It is used to make one’s life easier in one way or the other. They are being invented to ease our lives and get more time in your day. Right from the kitchen to your closet you will find end number of things which will be giving you a sigh of relief.  The most popular gadget is the smartphone which is into advancement every second day. We keep on getting new updates from popular companies every day. The more advanced the gadget the higher will be the price.

Since all things have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us go through the benefits and drawbacks of using gadgets


  • They are time saviors, and that is what they are well known for. Using gadgets increases your efficiency and effective intelligence as they help you do a task in minimum possible time along with your expertise
  • They are status symbols now. No matter whether it is a personal gadget like a smartphone or advanced household equipment. People possessing the latest gadgets are considered to be of a Class.
  • For certain things, you can rely on gadgets. For eg cleaning robots used at home, mobile trackers, washing machines with smart sensor technology, etc. You need not worry about certain work at all just press the switch and your work is done in no time.
  • It reduces human efforts and time. Take the example of your smartphones where you can connect with your family from any place no matter whether it is your workplace or your home. The best advantage is for parents who leave their kids at home under the supervision of nanny’s or where you are a businessman and you can access your entire office on your mobile phones through the cctv cameras installed. One can relax and keep concentrating on their work.
  • Enjoyment and fun can be possible anywhere now. You are having portable music players, tablets to watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere and at any time. Earlier people were found getting bored waiting for their flights after delayed announcements but now they spend their waiting time on smartphones, tablets, or listening to movies on their latest gadgets.
  • Information available 247. Earlier we used to search in the end number of books to get any information. Gadgets give you access to information at any place in just some seconds. It proves to be a life savior to many in times of emergency.
  • Huge data storage is another biggest advantage. The world is now moving towards paperless working and most of the work is now done online. We all know what harm over usage of paper does to the environment. On the other hand data maintenance has become so easy which earlier used to occupy a huge amount of space in the office which now can be stored in devices for which multiple options are available in the market and every day new advancements are coming up

Let us go through some disadvantages now

  • Increases dependability. Gadgets make you totally dependant and in case your gadget is out of order your life seems to have come to standstill. Work which you could easily do earlier on your own; the same seems like impossible for you.
  • High maintenance cost and repair is another drawback. As advanced technology needs maintenance which is not everyone’s cup of tea. This leads to additional expense and people are found running out of budget.
  • Effects personal life too. Since people are found to get addicted to certain gadgets and are found spending hours behind me; setting aside other important things of life. Youngsters are found spending hours on mobile phones and gaming gadgets. This affects their academics and in turn their future. On the other hand, every second person is found complaining about too much time spent on social media ignoring the family life which affects the relations.
  • Gadgets get outdated very soon and everyone cannot afford to buy a higher version immediately. At times the spare parts of the gadget are also not available because of which the costly gadget becomes a useless product and goes to scrap.
  • The biggest concern for parents is increasing screentime for kids and youngsters which is affecting their eyesight, brain development, and their IQ levels too. The damage which is causing the overall development of the young generation is far more than its advantages. It is getting that bad that the parents have started visiting counselors and psychiatrists.
  • Increasing health issues is another area of concern. The major cause of increasing obesity, diabetes, hypertension, lack of sleep, etc amongst people is due to extensive usage of gadgets. Physical activity in children is decreasing as they prefer playing games on gadgets rather than going outdoors.
  • We have understood the benefit of data storage above but at times of system crash or corrupted data storage leads to stoppage of work. We get totally dependant on these devices and little interruption takes away the hard work of people for months. Though back up options are also available one needs to be very careful in handling their important information.

Although after going through the pros and cons of increased usage of gadgets we cannot deny the fact that they do hold a very important position in human life. Day by day technology is getting advanced and people are found easier to do any task easily and in no time. But like it is always told every coin has two sides anything used beyond limits is harmful. To set these limits is in our hands.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions is a very popular saying but now these necessities are increasing so much that we are unable to live without them. Expectations from life and the desires are becoming endless in this world of social media.

We do cherish to possess the latest gadgets but it should not be at the cost of other more important things in life.

Think Right!!! Choose Right!!!




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