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Work and Personal Life Balance

As soon as you read the topic, most of us will relate to it very quickly as almost every second person will find struggling to maintain a balance between the two. There a set of people who seriously want to make efforts to devote some quality time to the family and some set belongs to workaholics for whom only money is necessary and rest all is not at all in their priority list.


You fall under which category?? Have you ever thought about it? Listed below are some suggested tips to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. I hope you will find the tips of some relevance; no matter how minute the difference may be.  


Mental health status: Unfortunately, neither the employers nor the employees are giving enough importance to mental health. Even though it is directly related to a person’s performance, research has proved that the dangers are prevalent and are increasing day by day due to chronic stress found among employees due to the immense pressure on performance and workload management. But it is high time that we, as individuals, figure out what changes we need to make in our lifestyle to maintain a healthy mental and professional life. There are ample of online courses, videos available to overcome mental stress. Guided meditation techniques are getting popular day by day, and people are found following it religiously. Arise, Awake before the harm is already done.

Giving time to your mental health will increase your efficiency, and you will be more productive in whatever you are doing.


Physical health and well being: Healthy body and a healthy mind are both correlated, and one cannot function well without the other. Money can buy you materialistic things and luxuries you are craving for, but mental peace and physical health are all the more important to live a more contented life. You need to set a time within which you will finish your office work and return home early and spend some good contented time with the family. Give some time to yourself to meet our friends once or twice a month. Go for outings and dinners with your family. You need to ensure that you do these things regularly like a time table if your schedules are running too busy. You have set the time table and it is you who will have to follow it with discipline. If you not follow even after setting it then you cannot blame your life for it. We understand there are always exceptions to situations but not every day and every time. You only can find a way out and no one else.


No work from home when you are at work from office: After the recent pandemic of COVID 19 people have become used to working from home and even after the offices are open they are found bringing work at home. This doesn’t seem right and not required. Earlier also all the work was done as was done in time. Then why to bring that burden home. Do not form a habit always to carry your laptop home if earlier you were not doing so. Else you will be tempted to start working any time. If you still have been taking it, then follow a rule not to open it when you have reached home. It may be difficult and tempting initially but gradually you will be able to stop yourself. Once you are at home your time should be your family time. Try not to compromise this with anything coming in your way.


Limit the use of mobiles: We have already agreed to keep the laptop aside. Next comes the biggest hindrance to the use of mobile phones at home. Try to limit your surfing time which is mostly not essential as we are just surfing pointlessly and just wasting time and our kids waiting for us to reply to them or to play with them. Next, try to manage the answering calls. You can avoid unnecessary calls and ask the other person to call during office hours. If you are a team leader or a manager, you can tell your team not to get once the office is over unless it is urgent. Certain things can wait, and all items are not critical or essential either. Try it, you feel more relaxed and at mental peace.


You have only one life to live: We all have only one life to live and whatever gives you happiness chase it !!! Do not let it go running after worldly things. Love what you do, whether it is your job or household work;  rather than finding negative things about it.  You can do without certain things. Try not to be over-ambitious. Live your life to the fullest, attaining things, spending time with friends and family, explore new destinations, be spiritual it will give you a lot of mental peace and a direction to live more happily and contented. People have also started following social media detox. Though this is not possible for all but some do. Life is a gift of God and rather than having regrets in the end, strive to do what makes you happy and joyful. You will feel more positive and divine. Your cribbing for things and negativity will be reduced to minimal.


I hope these suggestions will be of some help to you. Work is definitely important for a good living but it should never be dragged to a level that it starts affecting your wellbeing. Although it is essential to be sincere towards your work being over sincere or overdoing certain things is harmful both to you and your health. And it cannot be at the cost of your health. There are always ways for a better life, and it is up to us to find it and be ready to accept the change. Change your daily routine in a way that you can maintain a balance between your personal and work life. Trust me; it is not impossible. Use techniques at the workplace to finish your tasks earlier; then it used to be and try to reach home early. Get into meditation, sitting, and chatting with your family every day without fail. Call your near and dear ones and be in touch with them; it also helps to release stress as it makes you feel how important you are to so many people in your life !!!!


Life is where happiness is !!!! Rethink, Reframe, and you will be happy ever after!!!!







Rutvi Jani
Hello, This is Rutvi Jani a professional blogger. I am passionate about writing about insurance, spirituality, positive thinking, recipes, health, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe " Shift your words and the world will change for you ". Contact me if you want me to write an article for you - [email protected]


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  2. Hi, just required you to know I he added your site to my Google bookmarks due to your layout. But seriously, I believe your internet site has 1 in the freshest theme I??ve came across.Seo Paketi Skype: [email protected] -_- live:by_umut


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