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Whatsapp Clone app: Develop an expedited messaging app like WhatsApp

Messaging through SMS has become outdated. It can be expensive, and the number of messages that users can send may be limited depending on the network package. Besides, sending SMS to international contacts can be more expensive due to the roaming fees. With the advent of the internet, tremendous changes have been made continuously. Now people easily communicate through an app like WhatsApp. The messages are sent instantly. Even video communication is not complex, and it gives the advantages of interacting face to face with crisp audio. 

So, why not build and launch a WhatsApp clone if the benefits it offers are great and its rewards are greater?

Impact of an app like WhatsApp in the world

The mobile world economy predicted that the smartphone world is expected to hit 79% in 2025. Whatsapp was predicted to have the highest user activity. The app recorded the highest session time in 2019. Whatsapp messenger became an integral part of everyone’s life. It enables anyone to send and receive pictures, videos, calls, voice messages instantly with access to the internet, no matter where a person resides in the world. The need for such apps becomes significant here and be observed from our day-to-day life itself. 

Features to implement for a successful WhatsApp clone app 

Quick type feature

With technology intelligence, words can be prompted above the keyboard as suggestions for the users to send. The recommendations may be words that are frequently used by the app user while texting. The feature offers ease of not having to type much and can send the often sent messages in a few taps.

Emojis/ emoticons

Emojis make the conversations more fun and lets the app user express themselves better. Since certain emojis contain funny reactions, it can make the conversions fun and not boring and keep conversations going. It conveys the mood of the sender.

Invisible Ink

The feature may be new to many, but it makes conversations interesting. Any message that has been shared will become visible only after the user’s touch. Unique trends and styles, when incorporated and updated frequently, will bring more users to the app.

Ways to create a successful Whatsapp Clone app

  • Understand the current trends and needs

The WhatsApp app succeeded by recognizing the need for a fast messaging service, and there should not be any boundary constraints. The company knew where the trend was moving towards and decided to pitch the area to get them attention and popularity. The app also offered unmatchable compatibility. So, the first step should be to recognize the place that can focus on implementing the ideas. 

For that, the market conditions throughout the world, including the target market, should be understood. The idea behind this should be to teach concepts that are not implemented in the target market but are suitable to be implemented. The new ideas and claims will make people want to try the app, and the app should also match the claims and work efficiently.

  • High privacy policy

Many apps do not offer privacy, and the chats and personal information in the conversations get leaked. People communicate both on a business and personal level on the apps. For any user, privacy will be the first concern. Offer high security and privacy to make the users’ communication safer, and then you can build a sense of trust.

  • Easy user onboarding

The video calling platform Skype had hype in the initial stages of development, and people had no choice but to log in by writing specific credentials. Soon it became a hassle for everyone around. WhatsApp, though a messaging platform, understood the concerns and made the app available on smartphones. The key reason being people are drawn more towards mobile phone usage. 

Summing up, only identifying trends and futuristic practices can pave the way to the creation of satisfactory services.

Revenue models of WhatsApp Clone app

In-app Advertisements

Cost per click and cost per view methods can be implemented for advertisements, where when the users click the ad or view the ad, it leads to automatic monetization. They can range from any format as skippable and unskippable video ads, promotional banner ads, etc. In unskippable video ads, the ads should not exceed a specific time frame, as people lose interest in using the app. Ads may provide the skip option after the time stamp covers a particular time for easier monetization. 

In-app purchases

Apps can offer certain features that can interest customers to try them for a nominal fee. The features may be filters, stickers and emojis. Customized emojis, stickers and filters make customers opt for the purchases more, as customization is always most preferred amongst all. People can customize according to their tastes and not only use the regular options.


Sponsorships include paid partnering with businesses. Businesses collaborate with other companies. Advertisers provide rewards for completing specific in-app actions. Advertisers also receive certain benefits for promoting their businesses. 

Final words

With the right measure of trends and choosing suitable business models, the WhatsApp clone app development will take over the internet and become viral. WhatsApp clone app development involves the usage of the right tech stacks to build the right features. Develop and launch the WhatsApp clone app with convenient features and technology to earn more audience. 

jack richer
jack richer
I work in a leading taxi app development company AppDupe located in the US. We are mainly into the cloning of mobile apps and this area has intrigued my interest to explore it further.
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