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Unesco World Heritage Site in the Philippines – 5 Best Places to Travel

The Philippines has some incredible travel places that should be visited by vacationers. There is a long and rich history of the Philippines which dates back to the Spanish colonizers. Some of the great travel destinations in the Philippines are: Panay Island, Banaue, Suriname, Boracay, Cavite, Baguio, Manila and Mindanao. Each of these has its own beauty and charm that can not be equaled with other destinations. Each of these has its own story to tell.

One of the most popular and famous places to visit in the Philippines is its National Park, or rather the three big islands of the Philippines – Albay, Panay and Coron Island. It is the home of the majestic Panglao Tree, or more popularly known as the El Nido Tree. Every year, a large number of tourists flock the National Park to witness this majestic tree. This is also where you can start your day with a visit to the Samal Island, the third largest of the three islands.

If you happen to be visiting the Philippines, you have to include in your list of itineraries the town of Pampanga and the town of El Nido. This two towns form a triangle, and Pampanga is the gateway to the islands while El Nido is the center of Filipino tourism and the gateway to the tourist influx in the Philippines. If you want to see the entire countryside of the Philippines, you should definitely add this town to your list of travel destinations in the Philippines.

Visits to Candolim and Pampanga are absolutely essential if you are planning to explore the grandeur of the Philippines. You should definitely include this in your list of places to visit in the Philippines. Candolim is a coastal town located on the eastern shores of Manila. Tourists from all over the world come to Candolim because it is known as the “land of a thousand dreams”. Visiting the Candolim Dream Suite Hotel will give you an opportunity to experience the romance and allure of the Philippines’ romance and beauty.

The second and third best cities in the Philippines are Seville and Bohinj. Seville is a famous city in the Philippines, known for its historic buildings and for the “Queen City” structure. You can have a great time exploring the city, even during night time. If you are traveling with children, there are a lot of fun things that you and your children can do. Bohinj, on the other hand, is a beautiful mountain resort town, famous for its scenic view and for its warm people. Travel bloggers often cite this as one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

If you have a short trip planned in Philippines, you should certainly include it in your list of travel places in the Philippines. The city is located in Alabang town and is adjacent to the sleepy Viracor Falls. You can have a one day trip to the falls or you can choose to stay in the town and enjoy the sights and sounds of its old town. There are several hotels in seville, such as the Candolim and the Peque Bon while in Bohinj, there are the Esplanade Resorts and the Holiday Inn Koh Samui. Both the seville and the boihinj can be easily reached by both road and rail.

The fourth best city in the Philippines to visit is the town of Vora. This old city in the Philippines is home to different cultures. In the past, Vora was the major gateway to the southern part of the country, but nowadays, the town is a tourist hub due to the many natural and man-made attractions it has to offer. The old town is built with large stone walls which stretches for several miles, making it a must-see place for anyone who loves nature and culture.

The fifth best place to go to in the Philippines is the town of Vigan. The scenic surrounding is very inviting and a great place to spend your vacation. Vigan boasts of an old city and historical landmark, Picon Park wherein tourists can see some extraordinary waterfalls and have a great time exploring other local attractions. Vigan is also one day’s trip away from Manila.

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