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Types of Glaucoma and Treatment

Early signs of eye disease help us to prevent vision loss or any other damage to our eyes. But do we really know what are the most common eye problems and signs? 

The analysis shows a crystal-clear surge in eye problems, including injuries, side effects of medications, diabetes damage to eyes, etc. 

Glaucoma is the common eye issue, reportedly. It is a condition in which an increase in fluid pressure damages the optic nerve. Such a condition can cause serious vision issues or lead to blindness.

The high-risk factor of Glaucoma is age. People suffer from this eye problem after the age of 55 or 60. Medical researchers haven’t found the cure to treat Glaucoma, but medications and other treatments can help to reduce it. 

Learning about the common eye diseases has become crucial because early treatment can prevent your eyes from blindness or any other serious damage. 

Common Eye Disease and Treatment 


Glaucoma – What is it?

Glaucoma is a condition that builds up the pressure inside your eyes. Such fluid pressure damages the optic nerve of your eyes and leads to serious problems. Studies say that high-risk factors include age or can be inherited. 

The early condition of Glaucoma shows no sign, and the disease can be diagnosed later in life when it gets worse. 

My brother got consulted by one of the best eye specialists in Peshawar. He went for the annual eye exam, but fortunately, his doctor diagnosed the early condition of Glaucoma. 

It reveals that we should go for an annual eye exam with the best eye specialist in peshawar as it can help to diagnose any eye problem at its early condition. 


Types of Glaucoma 

Glaucoma has five types. What are those?


  • Congenital Glaucoma 

Some children have a birth defect in their eyes’ angle. Such defects of eyes’ angle can slow the fluid drainage. Congenital Glaucoma can be inherited.


  • Open-Angle Glaucoma 

Open-angle Glaucoma is also known as the chronic one because it does not show any sign of its early condition but results in only blindness. It often works gradually and leads to serious eye damage or vision loss. 


  • Secondary Glaucoma 

Secondary Glaucoma results in vision loss as it damages the optic nerve. Sometimes, a person suffers from this eye issue due to the side effect of an injury or medications. 


  • Angle Closure Glaucoma 

As a result of blocked aqueous fluid, the pressure is the buildup on the eye. It happens instantly and needs emergency treatment. Symptoms to ensure if you suffer from angle-closure Glaucoma:

  • Normal-Tension Glaucoma

Sometimes, the damage of the optic nerve is developed for an unknown reason. Such pressure on the eyes forms the normal tension of Glaucoma. 


Risk Factors of Glaucoma 

Family History: some diseases run in families. Glaucoma is also one of those types of diseases. It might be possible that your grandpa had open-angle glaucoma, but later it shows its signs in you. 

Medications Side Effects: The use of medicines for a long period can cause eye damage. 

Other Health Problems: Diabetes and high blood pressure often affect the eyes and become the reason for developing glaucoma. 

Age: Old age increases the risk to develop Glaucoma. It also depends on Ethnicity. For example, African Americans are more likely to develop Glaucoma at age 40. 

Physical Injury: If you being hit in the eye, it increases the pressure on your eye and most likely causes Glaucoma.  


Treatments for Glaucoma 

The very first treatment involves eye drops if the condition of the Glaucoma is at its early stage. 

IOP reduce medicine is also a solution to reducing the signs or symptoms of Glaucoma. 

Increased IOP due to the blocked channel is treated by surgery. It allows the fluid to make a path for drainage by destroying the tissues. 

Laser peripheral iridotomy is a treatment that is used for emergency angle-closure trauma. 



Said Anwar Medical Centre describes the importance of annual preventive eye care appointments because Glaucoma can be diagnosed at its early stage. We should learn that we can’t avoid Glaucoma, but still, can detect it and use different treatments for inflammation and pressure reduction. No one wants to suffer from vision loss, but we can take help from an eye specialist to reduce the signs and symptoms of Glaucoma. 

Faisal Rafiq
Faisal is a medical researcher and writer. His main interest lies in spreading awareness of the common healthcare issues by learning and sharing more about human life every day.


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