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Top 10 role of Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is changing the way of working in every sphere of technology, digital marketing has not escaped from its influence. Moreover, artificial intelligence is used in digital marketing on a large scale. Research organizations around the world are already predicting that the future of digital marketing is turning toward AI(Artificial Intelligence) based marketing. A prediction made by ‘Telentsprint’ in an ‘AI-Powered marketing’ course taught at IIM Calcutta predicted that the era of AI has already begun.


From the above pic, one question might arise that is AI marketing different from digital marketing? No, not at all, it is an advanced version of digital marketing where AI-based applications are used to get better results and return on investment. After analyzing the above pic we found that traditional marketing is expensive, the introduction of digital marketing made it cost-effective and the introduction of AI marketing made it ROI-oriented.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence plays the following significant role in digital marketing

1 – Automation of the Marketing Process

Now every repetitive work in marketing that is expected to be completed by humans is being done by artificial intelligence through automation. For example in mail marketing now through automation, we can copy and paste the same content in a thousand emails changing the receiver’s name automatically.

AI-powered marketing automation plays a significant role while personalizing the customer experiences, it responds to the customer’s interaction, contacts the leads at an optimal time through the channel where the chance of success is the highest.

Now AI not only helps us to decide what content to create but also tells us when, how, and where to publish and distribute. The whole process can be completed with a single click through automation.

2 – Big Data Processing 

Humans can do many things efficiently but when it comes to the data, occasionally they make mistakes, especially while processing the large data. AI can reduce the error while processing data because there is no way to forget the process or number if once they are entered into the machine. 

Automation software can parse and merge several databases from different sources using intelligence without duplicating them. Artificial intelligence not only processes the large scale of data following the trend and pattern in the database but also delivers the information in a way and format that is easy to understand by employees and management so that they could make strategic decisions based on it.

3 – Personalization for Customer Engagement

Now traditional marketing and direct email are not effective ways for customer engagement because today consumers themselves expect to get personalized messages from the brands as per their interest, demographic, and location. Most people do not engage or ignore non-personalized marketing.

Accenture, a management consulting firm in research made in 2017 found that 40% of consumers switch the brand due to unavailability of trust and poor personalization. Research shows that personalized emails are more likely to be opened by receivers.

AI enables us to personalize the communication at the individual level rather than generic targeted groups. AI not only personalizes the communication at the individual level but also predicts customer behavior based on previous brand interactions. Marketers customize the communication based on customer behavior which helps them convert leads into sales.

4 – Chatbots for Customers

Language processing algorithms of AI have now become incredibly advanced. It has made it very easy for machines to replace humans in sales orders and customer services. All of these have become possible due to chatbots. 

Many organizations have now installed chatbots in place of humans for giving instant reply to the customers irrespective of day and night. Chatbots can answer the common queries which are programmed to answer that type of query based on previously asked questions but if there are some complex queries it transfers it to a human agent. It saves the human agents time and gives them more free time to deal with the conversations which need more personal response.

5 – Customer Behavior Analysis and Prediction

Nowadays AI is so advanced that it can predict our personality better than someone close to us like a spouse, friends, or family. 

Marketers use AI to understand the customer’s behavior, omnichannel, and customized ad performance so that they could reach the targeted buyer through a proper channel and at the appropriate time. AI also helps customer service people to improve customer satisfaction and salespeople to increase sales in the highly advertised market.

6 – Voice Search Optimization

As per Google 27% of the online global population use voice search on mobile which marks the necessity and importance of voice search optimization. Voice search is based on the Speech recognition technology which is a type of Artificial Intelligence.  

Google’s Rank brain helps to optimize the website for voice search. Which ultimately helps to increase the organic traffic coming from a regular search. 

7 – Dynamic Pricing

We all are well aware that discount works better for increasing sales. But due to AI some customers with less discount even at no discount at all at a time when you are running a discount offer campaign. It is the game of AI which sets the price dynamically depending on demand, product availability in the market, customers profiles, and other factors to maximize sales and profits.

There is a website camelcamelcamel.com which tracks amazon products price over time where we can see how products price fluctuate depending on demand, availability, and other factors.

8 – Optimization of Digital Promotion

The Revolution of the internet has created opportunities as well as threats for marketers. The big threat nowadays is the availability of various channels in the market for promotion which is pretty difficult to manage by a human agent. 

For getting better results and lead performance marketers do the A/B Testing on various channels manually, it is a tough and time-consuming task. Now AI does this work itself. It selects the best channel for ad promotion where maximum leads could be generated and ROI would be maximum. 

9 – PPC Ad Optimization

A/B Testing is a traditional approach to optimize marketing ads which is a time-consuming as well as the cumbersome process. With AI algorithms we can continually and automatically optimize ads depending on conversions and interactions of customers. AI helps to optimize and target customers on Omn

AI ad optimization is used on social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Algorithms show ads to a particular account based on user interest in previous ads and content as well as his activity on other sites on the internet.

10 – Content Creation

Content marketing is the best way to promote the business online but it needs a lot of resources too. As per Gartner’s predictions, brands struggle, not with collecting data for analysis but with enough content to ensure a personalized experience to customers. 

Some AI-based software likeArticoolo can write content for websites. Some famous global brands including Forbes use AI in their content marketing strategy. AI also helps in content promotion strategy while selecting time and audience for particular content.

AI has increased the productivity, efficiency, and ROI of digital marketing. One thing I want to make clear that AI is not replacing the jobs of marketers, rather it’s making them more smart and productive in comparison to traditional digital marketers. Now only the challenge is to update the upcoming technology regularly to compete with the emerging competition in the market.

Author Bio – Vidyarthi Ram is an Indian Author and Professional Digital Marketer.

Vidyarthi Ram
I am a writer, blogger, and professional digital marketer. My core interest in writing is social, motivation, education, and technology. Google me to get more info about me.


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