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Tips to Edit Professional Videos Online

After you’ve finished filming a movie or shooting a music video  , it’s time to move on to the second part of the battle: the post-production stage. Like filming, this process demands the right blend of both creative and technical understanding.

While these suggestions do not specifically teach you how to make adjustments to your video clips, they may assist you in cutting your editing time in half and producing better outcomes in the final result.

1.Select the Most Appropriate Tool

The first step in streamlining your video editing process is choosing the most appropriate video editor  tool that you need. These typically include everything you need for ordinary video edits, but you may choose one over another based on factors such as usability, digital interface, and additional capabilities.

The trick here is to find a video editing software that works for you and your editing style rather than just using the most up-to-date and technologically powerful application available.

2. Make Use of a High-Performance Computer

There will be no head-to-head competition between PCs and MACs in this segment. There is no restriction on the brand or model of computer you choose, so long as it is fast enough to save large files and enables you to concentrate more on your editing work rather than worrying about delayed rendering.

The purchase of a speedier storage drive (SSD) will surely benefit you in the long run since it will enable you to access your data and applications more quickly and speed up your rendering, loading, and export times.

Increasing your computer’s memory (RAM) to at least 8GB if you’re performing professional or commercial work, as well as purchasing the video card and CPU suggested by your editing program, are other things you can do to reduce your editing times dramatically.

You can use either a PC or an Apple computer as a video workstation, while it is often simpler to modify and update a PC than an Apple computer on your own. You may use mobile and tablet devices with Android or Apple OS to edit video; however, their capabilities and quality are often restricted. Additionally, editing films on an iPad or iPhone is far more complicated than editing movies on a powerful desktop or laptop computer.

3. Take a look at video editing tutorials.

The internet is full of instructions for making excellent video material, including those found on Youtube  , blogs, and educational websites. The majority of the courses you’ll discover online are entirely free, which makes them even more readily available.

When searching for instructions on creating certain looks or performing specific activities, be sure to target the software version of the application you’re now using. Many organizations change the functionality and menu options from one edition of their software to the next.

4. Comply with the 321 Rule

In the same way that woodworkers learn to measure twice and cut once, video editors who use any application should become familiar with the 321 rule. Conserve three duplicates of everything you make, and store them in at least two distinct locations, with one of those sites being physically distant from the other two.

5. Ensure that the workflow is efficient

To become a more efficient editor, you will need to be methodical and organized, even if you have a super-fast computer system and editing tools on hand. Organizing projects and files in folders that you may reuse over and over again are one technique to boost your workflow and productivity. Create subfolders and folders for your projects, film, audio files, photos, and graphics, and then subfolders and folders inside those subfolders and folders.

Another option to make your job more efficient is to save your film on external hard drives, which allows you to free up more computer RAM in the process.

6. Make Use of Shortcuts on the Keyboard

For those who have a little more money to invest, purchasing an editing keyboard (or at the very least a replacement editing keyboard cover) that already has keyboard shortcut icons would be the most convenient alternative. You won’t have to worry about compatibility difficulties with your editing program since they are often software-specific.

7. Make Your Clips More Vibrant in Color

Colour is an important design element that may be used to draw attention to certain themes, elicit various emotions, and establish the mood or ambiance of a scene. Fortunately, today’s video editing applications provide us with a plethora of color correction choices that were previously only available with photographs.

8. Listen to Appetising Music

Don’t only concentrate on the images; they should only be as excellent as the music you’re using. For example, if you’re doing a drama film, you’ll want just the appropriate song or instrumentals to make important moments (when you want to elicit certain emotional responses from your audience). It might be tricky if you’re doing it on your own, so having a musical scorer on hand can help take some of the guessings out of the process.

Prior to even considering utilizing any music, keep in mind that the most secure alternative is to get music from a royalty-free music supplier. Although you may discover free music, the most incredible audio is typically only available for a fee. A professional project will almost always involve the cost of music, which is often included in the overall budget.

9. Include text and graphics in your design.

Depending on the sort of film you are making, you may be required to include additional text in addition to the title, opening and closing billboards (if broadcasting), and film credits. You’ll generally want to keep things basic, using a sans-serif typeface that’s clean and white and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Allow them to dissolve in and out to observe how it works for your particular film project.

In contrast, if you want flashy visuals, you may easily make them via the use of your editing program. For creating some of the most impressive motion graphics, Adobe After Effects is a popular option.


At first glance, video editing seems to be a complex undertaking. However, if you keep these video editing tips and techniques in mind as you go, you’ll soon find yourself editing videos like an expert. The procedure itself will also prove to be fulfilling, particularly when you see your final work.


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