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Some Essential Things to Know Before Installing White Cabinets in The Kitchen

You will find plenty of inspiration on the web as it comes to white spacious well-ventilated kitchens. But does such a kitchen live up to the hype? While embarking on a kitchen renovation or design, you might consider a white kitchen since it gives an elegant and timeless look. Such kitchens remain gorgeous for years. Maintaining whiteness is a challenge though not impossible. Let’s have a look at various misconceptions, issues, and goodness related to white kitchens and white cabinets.

  • Simple and neutral – White is known for providing simplicity and neutrality to the kitchen. These are the key reasons that the homeowners prefer this color for their kitchen. Also, these traits make it an outstanding base of the larger areas like the cabinets that are often expensive and time-consuming in terms of replacement. This simplicity of white kitchen cabinets allows the entire kitchen to rise above temporary trends. With white, you won’t ever enter the kitchen feeling like it was painted or designed years back. White cabinets work in about any kitchen design – from vintage to country style – from traditional to contemporary.
  • Versatile – White is versatile. It is easy to accessorize, update and add to. You can provide your kitchen with an entirely new personality just by maintaining the whiteness. Keep the cabinets white and change the knobs, pulls as well as other hardware. The pops of the color will be more impactful next to the white cabinets while creating a sharp contrast.
  • Bright– White is known for reflecting light and thus making surrounding space brighter. White cabinets brighten up the darker kitchen or the kitchen that doesn’t get sufficient natural light. Moreover, if the cabinets have a glossy finish, they will bounce even more light around. And this creates an illusion of a bigger space.

A few words of precautions

Well, as it comes to white cabinets, there are a few things that you need to be careful about. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Add a splash of another texture or color – Too much white often seems to be clinical instead of being crisp and clean. You can avoid such a scenario just by adding a splash of another texture or color. Mix your white cabinets with contrasting backsplashes or countertops. You can also opt for a darker shade for the lower or upper cabinets while leaving the rest white.
  • Don’t expose to direct sunlight – White color gets discolored over time while being exposed to direct sunlight. So be careful about that. You may opt for off-white kitchen cabinets to offset fading from sun exposure.
  • Be careful about the quality – As it comes to wear and tear, you must buy only high-quality antique white kitchen cabinets. Cheap-quality cabinets are less likely to age gracefully than superior-quality items. If made and installed properly, white cabinets can have a longer life than other colors and finishes.
  • Clean the spills instantly – White cabinetry doesn’t get dirty, unlike wood cabinets over time. But you can easily notice spills, splashes, and smudges on white color. They usually don’t blend in with white as they do with patterned or darker cabinetry. To avoid this, it is important that you instantly wipe away any spill or splash.

White is ageless. It ages gracefully. And this is even truer with white vintage kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen. All you need to be a bit careful about maintaining the same. And the cabinets will remain simple and versatile always while giving your kitchen a feeling of being bigger and brighter.

Jason Zhang
Jason Zhang
I am Jason Zhang a reputable interior decorator having vast knowledge of kitchen and bathroom decoration. He is a regular blogger and writes for popular interior decoration and designing forums and blogs. He loves experimenting with home decorating ideas. During his free time, he prefers reading books, doing photography, and cooking.
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