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MBA Careers: Which Careers Are Right for You?

Choosing a future career path that uses your finance degree should always be carefully considered. You could work in many any number of industries with a more generalized finance-oriented capacity as well. If you enjoy working with international corporations, you may consider a career that involves travel and international clients.

choosing a career path

Business. No one ever planned on getting into business, but it seems like everyone has. Business majors will learn about marketing, accounting, economics, business management, and finance in their undergraduate program. While these are standard business majors, there are some courses students can take to expand their understanding of how business works and develop new skills to help them succeed in the business world.

Accounting. Accountants are responsible for keeping track of an individual’s financial records. They collect information from businesses such as banks and companies and use it to make decisions about their customers. Graduates with degrees in accounting can find very good careers both in the public and private sectors. Accountants with financial management and analytical skills are often promoted to executive positions where they assist CEOs and other higher-level managers with business decisions.

Finance. Many graduates decide on finance careers because they have an interest in investing or the stock market. There are a number of finance degrees available including: business administration, forensic accounting, insurance, investment banking, financial planning, portfolio administration, public finance, and business management. A forensics major can also choose to be an environmental consultant, a management consultant, or an entrepreneur. The forensics career path can lead to other finance careers or work in government.

Business. People interested in working in business management can opt to major in accounting or finance. Someone who is considering business as a career option should consider what he or she wants to do in the business world before choosing a major in finance. Graduates with degrees in business can pursue positions in business management, marketing, sales, general business, executive management, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Marketing. A number of finance majors lead to a love of sports and entertainment. Those students who choose marketing as a degree option have an advantage over other applicants when it comes to entering the sports broadcasting industry. Broadcasting is another field that finance majors can enter after graduation. Individuals working in this field either work for television networks, radio stations, or the film and television industry.

Technology. Computer and internet business careers are another option for finance majors. The nature of computer and internet-based businesses make them good career options. Accountants with degrees in business can find jobs in accounting, financial advising, bookkeeping, payroll, and insurance.

Human Resources. Those interested in human resources might choose to be a HR analyst. An HR analyst is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and managing employees in all human resource departments. A degree in business administration, marketing, or economics will allow graduates to obtain entry-level HR analyst positions.

Technology. Finance professionals may be interested in pursuing an MBA. Those with a MBA can go on to pursue a range of lucrative career paths, including technology administration, information technology, and business development. Those who earn an MBA in business can go on to become CEOs, financial analysts, information technology professionals, business coaches, or consultants.

Accounting. Accounting is a very popular and lucrative option for those seeking a higher-level mba degree. Graduates who earn an accounting degree can go on to become accountants-in-chief, corporate controller, or auditors-with many other important job titles. Those who earn their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business can go on to be general accountants, auditors, or law enforcement officers, depending upon their individual talents and skills.

Business Development. Those pursuing an MBA in business can choose to be business associates, venture capitalists, business partners, entrepreneurs, or even managers. Choosing a career path that boosts a business’s salary requires careful research, as some areas pay more than others for graduates with the skills and certifications needed for the position.

As you can see, there are many different types of MBA options. You simply need to determine your personal career goals and interests, find a school that fits your education requirements, and pursue your MBA. It is easy to do! Just remember that your personality and abilities will play a large role in the direction of your new career path and salary. Pursue your MBA with confidence!

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