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Importance of Mosque Carpets

Moslem carpet is unique because it has no specific design. While the mosques usually come with an easy to identify style, every mosque has its unique carpet model. Sometimes the carpet used in a mosque varies from the traditional rug used in a normal house.

Mosque carpets Abu Dhabi generally come with a specific style, colors and pattern. Mosque carpets are also known by various names such as prayer rugs, arid carpet, prayer floor mats and carpet for prayer. In some places they can also be called prayer mats and arid floor mats. These carpet styles vary according to the type of area where they are installed.

Mosque carpets in daily life:

Moslem carpets are usually woven on a special machine called ‘Reed’, which is used for the weaving purpose of the carpet. The woven rugs have different length than traditional rugs used in the house. They are made up of either wool or cotton thread. When the rug is made, it has to be dried completely before being woven.

Another type of mosque carpet is the prayer mat, which is used in the floor of the mosque. They are also known as arid floor mats. Some of the carpets used in the mosque have a design on it that represents the teachings of the Islam religion.

Most people who are not familiar with carpets know that there are two types of mat available in the market. They are known as long mat and short mat. The long mat is used in the place of the prayer floor and the short mat is used in the place of the prayer room. However both of these mats are used in the mosque.

Mats are usually hand woven and then attached to the floor. When the carpet is ready to be laid, one has to make sure that all the corners and the lines are neatly done. It is important that you do not make any mistakes while laying the carpet. This is because the mosque carpet Abu Dhabi must be laid carefully so that all the edges of the rug are visible.

Benifits of Mosque Carpet Abu Dhbai:

Mosque mats are usually made up of cotton threads, or silk threads. They are normally dyed with colors that represent the religion of Islam. It is important to make sure that the colors are matching and are of the same shade to the carpet and the surroundings.

Mosque carpests are made to last for many years and are highly durable. They are made by using high quality fabrics. Most of the carpets are made from a synthetic material called ‘cotton’.

Mosque mats are usually used in the place of the prayer room. This room is also known as the bayah. You can also lay mats in front of your home. They can be used in any part of the house like the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

The mats are usually made of 100% pure cotton. In some places, synthetic fabrics are also used for the mats, but they are not very durable and are not long lasting. You should always buy the carpets that are 100% cotton for their durability.

The mats can be made to be customized according to your choice. However, before making the customized mat, it is important to choose the designs that are of the same color with the carpet color of the prayer room. and the surroundings. This is to avoid any clash.


Mosque carpets abu dhabi can also have different designs on them depending upon the type of design that you have selected. You can have your name or an inscription on the mat. and it will be visible from the outside of the room. This will create a sense of pride among the people.

These carpets are available on Abu Dhabi Furniture at affordable prices and are very comfortable. They will keep you dry all the time and you can enjoy sitting on them.

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