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Free Gift Box Design Templates

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes with lids are used for many things. These containers are designed to suit the products that they’re used for and to help protect the items inside from damage, both outside and inside. When you want to make sure a box will hold up to your company’s standards or specifications, choosing a design for customized boxes with lids can be a great way to go. If you want your packing to really reflect your brand, you may want to think about what your customers will think when opening your boxes. To ensure your packing works out perfectly, it helps to know which type of containers with lids are currently popular.


Types of Sports Boxes

For example, there are two kinds of sports boxes with lids, as explained below. First, there are the plain boxes that are already made to order with your company’s name or logo imprinted on the side or the top. Second, there are specialty boxes with lids that are already manufactured by the manufacturer, so all you have to do is choose the size, color, and style. These boxes usually come in standard sizes or very small sizes. You can have them personalized with your company’s name or logo and sent out for production or simply have them sent to your address.


USA-Based Products

The standard sizes of sports boxes with lids include smaller boxes that fit up to eight cans or bottles or larger boxes that can hold sixteen cans or bottles. Another option is a custom-sized gift box or backpack, which may not include a lid. A custom-molded cooler or binocular cases, too, are among the most popular of these custom-made packaging solutions. To make sure your items fit correctly when packed inside, consider using an outside courier or shipping service for your USA-based products. If you’re shipping internationally, make sure you double-check your measurements and don’t overfill your shipping container.


USA-Based Manufacturers 

If you decide on having USA-based manufacturers create your custom gift boxes or other packaging solutions, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. For example, since standard USA sizes don’t fit all, you’ll want to use a measuring tape and a pair of tape measures to make sure the size of your merchandise fits. Just like standard gift packaging templates, you’ll want to choose an appropriate font, backlist design, stock artwork, colors, and more.


Customized Gift Box Designs 

When it comes to selecting gift templates, be sure to choose one that can be printed on black or full-color card stock. Be sure to also select a high-quality printer. A high-quality printer will be able to show off your customized gift box designs to its best advantage. Otherwise, the finished product may have a washed-out, bluish tint. One option for printers is to purchase your card stock ahead of time and allow them to design and print your product on it.


 USA Made Gift Templates 

If you choose to purchase your own custom gift boxes with lids, there are several ways you can do this. The most inexpensive way is to order your customized items from a manufacturer and then directly order them from an online retailer. This option will allow you to control the materials that go inside the box and you won’t have to deal with any minimum order requirements. However, it will likely be necessary to assemble the box yourself since most standard USA made gift templates are simply card stock with paper glued on to them. If you want to save money, consider using free gift box design templates that are available online.


Gift Box Templates Online

You’ll find many free gift box templates online, including several styles of lids. While these free designs may look good enough when you are planning your gift, it may be necessary to edit them slightly to make them suitable for use as a gift. You can either do this yourself or just let the company you are buying from doing it. In most cases, you’ll just need to print the template and cut the shapes out on your computer. Then all you have to do is glue the shapes together to form the custom gift box you were hoping for.


Lidding Boxes 

Lidding boxes with lids come in a variety of different materials, but typically they are made of card stock or heavy-duty plastic. Card stock has the advantage of being a little cheaper than other materials, but it can be difficult to order because it is so easily found. Plastic boxes with lids are also easy to find and you might find that your local big box store offers them as well. Either way, these boxes with lids are a practical and useful addition to your gift arsenal.

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