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Debunking the Myths of Aesthetic Dentistry

Due to the harmful effects of a regular lifestyle these days, more and more people are becoming conscious and meticulous about their own oral health. Although that doesn’t mean that they take the aesthetic dentistry treatment into consideration for themselves. If you ask them what is the reason for this and according to them is cosmetic dentistry safe or not, they will tell you a lot of horror stories that they have heard from their friends or read somewhere or similar kind of misconceptions.

There are lot of myths and misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry in the market and most of which are encountered when the patients discuss their oral health. Most of them think that it is extremely expensive or even dangerous to a certain extent to do cosmetic dentistry. They don’t understand that in case if you are gifted with a smile that has a slight flaw you don’t have to accept it as a lifelong thing and go ahead with it, but you can alter your smile and reconstruct it in your own way. These kinds of cosmetic dentistry near me are extremely reliable, affordable, and 100% safe. Don’t just grin and bear the flaws in the aesthetic harmony of your mouth construction and its smile- this is the general consensus given by leading dentists all across the nation. Especially in case if you are in Kolkata, then you could transform your smile in a jiffy and also without putting a hole in your pocket.

Let’s see what are the myths about aesthetic dentistry and try to debunk them.

They do not only offer smiles that are cookie-cutter in nature.

Every smile is beautiful and has its natural charm and if you like what you see in the mirror then you get to keep most of it even while going for aesthetic dentistry. That means that you are the ultimate decider about what are the changes that you want to bring into your smile and how dramatically do you want to alter your mouth and smile’s appearance. Beforehand the possibilities are shown to the patients and then they choose which are the treatments that they would want to go for. If you love your gaps they will be there, if you love your big teeth that will be there too and we will not file down your canines that look like fangs in case if you love how they look on you.

Cosmetic Treatments Do Not Prioritise Appearance Over Health.

Myths like this are flared by concepts like the whitening treatments damage the enamel. This is a complete fallacy as non-stop and continual home whitening treatments could definitely damage your teeth but the treatments for whitening that one would receive from their dentists would be completely safe. The treatments done by cosmetic dentists are ensured so that the health of the teeth is kept above everything else. They are all efficient oral health providers and would never deliberately recommend or offer a treatment that would harm the teeth in any which way for the sake of their beautification.

These Kind of Treatments Could be Afforded by Anyone.

There’s a myth that cosmetic dentistry is exclusively for the rich and wealthy. However, that is completely not true and a comprehensive treatment could not cost you more than a few thousand if you go to the proper clinic for treatment. In the past probably it was the truth but not nowadays. Many new kinds of treatments have been incepted in the cosmetic dentistry south Kolkata clinics which are quite affordable and the payment could be done in many ways like easy EMIs and also there are certain medical insurances that cover these kinds of operations. You have to just call the call center executive of one of these clinics and talk to them about your financial concerns and they will find a suitable way how you could treat yourself with a wonderful smile without spending too much.

Whitening Treatments Do Not Weaken the Teeth

Hydrogen peroxide is the most important whitening agent in these treatments and needless to say it is highly safe when. If used as directed and under the medical supervision of a well-qualified dental restoration dentist south kolkata, then you are completely sorted.

Justin Carlos
Justin is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on various topics.


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