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6 Types Of Product Videos That Benefits Your Business

If you’re running a business that is growing at its own pace and you want to amplify its growth through sales and reach, product videos are the way to go!

What is a Product Video

A product video is made to highlight the benefits and promote the business with the intent to boost sales of the product.

Let us explore the different types of product videos that will benefit your business.

Demonstration videos 

Demonstration videos cover the overall design and look of the product. These videos are usually made when the consumers are not aware of the product or when the product is about to launch. Demo videos are a great way to build hype before the launch of a particular product. Apart from targeting on social media, these videos can be used in your store alongside your products to enhance the in-store consumer experience.

Demo videos are a must for products like home appliances and other electronics.

Detailed Video 

Detailed videos are popular amongst enthusiasts that want to dive deep into the details of a particular product. These videos often cover all the angles of the product highlighting every minute detail of the product. Detailed videos can get super close to the product to showcase texture and fine production quality.

Product Unboxing

Unboxing videos build great trust as potential consumers get to see the product as it is out of the box compared to the way it is showcased in adverts. These videos are great when you have multiple contents in your box or your box has a premium look to it as it uplifts the brand image of your business alongside boosting sales.

Tutorial video

‘How to’ videos that teach the consumer the correct way to interact with your product. Tutorials often show the nitty-gritty details about the product while providing a step by step walkthrough process. It can feature an anchor or you addressing the camera while continuing to teach. 

You can easily create videos like tutorials yourself by placing a camera with adequate lighting to highlight the product while adding depth using a backdrop. You must edit your footage with a quality video editor that has numerous templates and transitions that make your video stand apart. 

TVC video

A TVC video often contains stories that surround the product or the business. These videos are expensive to make depending on the treatment but promise a high return value. You can even cut budgets with great ideas that need you to just hit the record button.

Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are often animated videos that explain the consumer’s details about the product, its functionalities, and usage while providing a brief overview of your business.  These marketing videos deliver the message with utmost clarity and increase the potential consumer’s retention.

Once you start pushing out your product videos you shall start noticing changes in the way your consumers look at your business. Product videos will not only provide information but also add the credibility needed to run a business. 

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