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10 Tips To Come Up With A Password That’s Hard To Crack

Password is an important thing in the 21st century. All social networks, mail, accounts on different sites require you to create a password so that it is reliable and cannot be hacked.

How to Come With Good Password?

1- Long Passwords

The longer the password, the more difficult it is to guess. More than 8 characters are recommended. On the other hand, it is difficult for the owner to remember such a thing, so it is worth writing it down or memorizing it well.

An easy piece of advice is to write a password that is somehow related to you. For example, if you are setting a password for your assignment writing help website, you can save it with the name of your first client.

2- Letters And Numbers

Many sites require the password to consist of letters and numbers. It reduces the likelihood of an account being hacked. It is best to create some kind of random combinations of numbers and letters that do not belong to important dates in your life.

However, you can make it so that it would seem that the password consists of random characters. But in fact, there is a special meaning there. For example, take the third letters of your children’s names, pet dates, and addresses in reverse order. Such a password will be extremely difficult to guess.

3- Add Punctuation

To further complicate your password, you can use punctuation marks such as underscores, hashtags, and others.

For example, by adding only two characters to the password roslenina455nnn,” you can make it much more complicated – “david_455@nnn.”

4- Capital Letters

After the various characters have been added, you can also add capital letters. And the password will be even more difficult to crack. The main thing now is to remember it.

Example: “daVid_455@nnt.”

5- Similar Passwords

To help you remember passwords from different social networks better, you can create slightly similar passwords. It allows you not to forget what password this or that account has, but also not to be hacked.

For example, from the password “daVid_455@nn” you can make “daVid457@nno” and many others.

6- Not A Name Or Date Of Birth

Passwords, which consist of the date of birth, full name, are too simple and very easy to guess. And also other short and uncomplicated words clearly will not help to avoid hacking.

7- Password Change

To be sure of your protection, you can constantly change the password, but this can lead to the fact that each time the password becomes simpler and simpler. It is also highly likely that you will forget the correct password. So if you change the password of your essay writing service website, make sure you note it somewhere.

8- A Program For Remembering Passwords

For those who have too many passwords, you can download apps that allow you to store them safely and securely. However, they also require separate passwords.

9- Don’t Tell Anyone

The surest way to avoid hacking is not to disclose your password to anyone, even if it is the closest person. He may not want to hack into the account, but the one who overheard this information will be very useful.

10- Change Password Every 3 Months

Change your password periodically. If the password is strong, then it should be changed every 3-12 months. The more often the better! Some email services tell you from which IP address you last logged into the system. If the last login was not from your IP address, then your account has already been hacked. And it’s time to change the password, as well as make it longer and change it more often.

How Do I Store Strong Passwords Securely?

First, let’s look at the most insecure ways to store passwords.

The most insecure ways to store passwords:

  • On a piece of paper glued to the monitor.
  • In a text file on a computer.
  • In a password-protected Excel spreadsheet (easily hacked).
  • Saving passwords in the browser (spyware easily calculates them).
  • Writing it down in your diary
  • Saving them in your mobile apps
  • Keeping a Word document that contains all your passwords.

It’s all! See how easy and fast it is to create a strong password? Don’t be lazy, please! Your safety is in your hands.

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Stephen Mills
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