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YOGA – Take a step towards healthy lifestyle

21st June is being celebrated across the globe as international yoga day. So a post on its importance has to be there. All of us will agree that day by day our life style is becoming more and more hectic, competitive and stressful. People are found running a marathon to win and striving hard to cope up with the time which feels like always running ahead.

We cannot stop the running clock, that is not in our hand but yes to change the pattern of living our life is definitely in our hands. Now the first thing which comes in our mind is ‘Where is the time’ I am anyways running out of time and from where will I find time to do yoga. Trust me it is just a mental stigma. We need to learn to priortise our work in our daily life. Like we make a to do list before hand, Yoga should be the top of the list.

The word Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word to unite/to join. Yoga helps to create a balance between mind body and soul. Whenever a person talks or thinks about Yoga one feels that it is a kind of a mental exercise to relax your mind. Yoga is not just relaxation of the mind but it is also influences the whole body.                  

  • The main aim mains of yoga in our daily life:
  • Develop a good physical health
  • Take oneself towards self realisation
  • Develop good social life
  • Develop spiritual health and lead life accordingly
  • Develop social health
  • Below listed goals are to be attained :
  • Live in a peaceful state of mind always in all situations
  • Respect towards nature and life
  • Having a attitude of gratitude
  • Switching towards a vegetarian diet
  • Becoming more patient
  • Control anger and anxiety in all walks of life                                                     .

The statement “Without Health there is nothing” stands apt in the modern life. We earn a lot of money but if we are not healthy enough to use it and live happily it is a waste. There are lot of online options available to learn Yoga both chargeable and non-chargeable. It is just that we need the grit to do it regularly. Doing with discipline is of utmost importance as Yoga does not give immediate results you need to do it regularly to achieve long term health goals.

What we eat shows on the body; likewise what we do with our body too will definitely show in your appearance which includes your facial glow as well as physique. Different forms of yoga give you different benefits. This mainly includes Pranayam and Yogasanas which varies as per the health issues you are facing. Research has proven that its effects on the body and improvement are tremendous.

Hope you found this article helpful to know littler about the importance of Yoga and its benefits. Little change in lifestyle will lead you to a healthier, happier and a peaceful life ahead. So let us begin it right away and with perseverance we will definitely reach the desired goals.

Happy Practicing Yoga !!!!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
Hello, This is Rutvi Jani a professional blogger. I am passionate about writing about insurance, spirituality, positive thinking, recipes, health, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I strongly believe " Shift your words and the world will change for you ". Contact me if you want me to write an article for you - [email protected]
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