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Writing an ad copy for Instagram: Tips and tricks to follow

Writing an ad copy acquaints people towards a brand or a topic with the intent of gaining a good impression to generate sales. A content writing company in Delhi has expert awareness and skills for creating the perfect ad copy which keeps them at Parr from their competitors. Ad copies need to be short and sweet and possess the ability to replicate the brand’s image and reputation.

A good ad copy is modest, well-ordered, and gives out the key information in a short and simple format. They have the capability and competence to attract consumers with their unique ideas and strategies. If you are looking forward to creating an ad copy for Instagram, and are confused coupled with a bit of nervousness, do not worry as we are here to provide you the seven best tips and tricks for creating an ad copy on Instagram.

  1. Use vibrant colors and test your visual cues.

There is no impairment in experimenting with vibrant colors. Use colors that suit your product and its visual scheme and don’t be afraid to spice things up with a complimentary video to grasp consumer’s attention.

A video is non-compulsory, but it can be included to give better results. Get into the consumer’s mind and focus on which colors they would like to see. This will give you a better understanding of how to use the perfect colors to grasp curiosity. Incorporating the use of colors in ads helps it to rank higher and gain more recognition as compared to ads with hoards of text but bland colors.

  1. Show the product in action.

Showing the product in action is going to give you gigantic applause and appreciation. Why not try something new instead of sticking to the same concept of including catchy texts and information. When you show your product in motion, you tend to engrave a feeling of inquisitiveness in consumers and also gain the attention of being catchy and unique. Invest in video creation to show your product in motion which will return your investment with an enhancement in profits due to this unique idea.

  1. Write an attention-grabbing copy.

Your copy should be the first thing that captures a consumer’s attentiveness along with colors. If the copy is a bland redundant sentence, consumers are repelled against reading the entire ad. This step is very crucial in ad development. Ensure that you carry out proper research and use the right keywords about your advertisement.

Using sentences and words that have nothing to do with your ad will lead your sales towards a path of demolition. People have a short attention span on Instagram because of the interference of reels and memes on their minds, so make sure that you write a short non-monotonous ad copy with few characters along with neat spacing. You can research Quora or watch YouTube videos on tutorials to create ad copies.

  1. Go easy on hashtags.

Sure, hashtags are a great way to act as the Instagram version of SEO generation that helps to rank your advertisement higher. But just like how stuffing keywords in a blog leads to wonky Google algorithm results, the same goes for wadding irrelevant hashtags.

Limit your hashtag usage to just five and do not fill the end with your ad copy with a barrage of hashtags. Too many hashtags look untidy and unpleasing to the eye not to mention too casual and bombarding.  Consumers do not have the time facility to go through all of your hashtags at the end of your ad, so try including them within your ad copy even though its inclusion at the end of an ad is not incorrect or unethical.

  1. Incorporate an offer they can’t refuse.

Get feisty with your offers and transcribe them in such a way that consumers are tempted to avail of your services. Offers are a great method to generate a mass number of sales and profits. Use elegant themes and subtle hints to bring attention to the offers you are providing.

Ensure that the offer you provide is not the bare minimum and is a good deal to entice consumers. An offer curated with the bare minimum kept in mind will repel consumers and allow them to look out for other ads that offer superior services. You want to make sure what your consumers want and there is no better way to do this than to imagine yourself in their shoes and curate their likes and dislikes.

  1. Use action verbs.

Action verbs affect consumer’s psychology and create a feeling of temptation and curiosity to avail more. Action verbs are a great method to engrave curiosity in the minds of the consumers and hypnotize them into joining hands with you.

Though it may not sound like a big deal, using action verbs cannot be undermined in generating sales. Use verbs such as ‘try’, ‘buy’, ‘learn’, and ‘think’. This may seem like a point that many chose to overlook, but it goes a long way in breeding sales and loyal consumers for the long haul. Many content writing services in India have mastered the use of including action verbs while writing an ad copy which has led to their superior reputation.

  1. Keep it short and simple.

Always remember that consumers do not have all the time in the world to pay attention to your advertisements but thousands lurking around Instagram looking to devour each other. Keep your advertisement short and sweet and include only the key information needed such as email address and contact information. Give out the necessary details and limit the usage of too many words. Do not clutter too much information and create a feeling of distaste in people’s minds. Ensure that you proofread your advertisement and get it checked by a knowledgeable person to diminish any final errors.

These were our tips for curating the best ad copy for Instagram. Ensure to use them to the fullest and let us know if you liked them. If you are looking for amazing content writing services in Delhi, allow us to introduce you to Webgross.

Webgross is a respected content writing company in India, that has catered to many audiences who have generated loyalty and trust towards their services. Their experienced team of individuals curate the perfect content to generate the best results. Webgross has been showing efficiency in work for ages. Ensure to check out their website for amazing offers and dealings

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