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Why Should You Travel to Coventry

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Why Should You Travel to Coventry

When you mention covid it conjures up visions of pirates, gold and even, well you know, witchcraft. However, the town of covid is anything but stereotypical. If you walk through the streets of this quaint little town, you will discover that it is a true working class town with stores, offices and, not to mention, pubs and restaurants. The pub there is called the Rosebery which is the oldest pub in the city. You will be able to enjoy a pint or two at this lovely local bar.

While at the Rosebery you can also try some local produce such as Marmite and such other foods as puddings. Covid also has a nice selection of shops and stores so you should not have a problem trying to find something. In fact, shopping is one of the main attractions of the town. There are plenty of small stores around the main shopping area selling all types of items from gift cards to clothing to antiques.

However, the real draw of the town of Coventry is the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. You will be able to see a classic piece, The Merchant of Venice performed here regularly. Of course, there are many more plays to choose from such as Macbeth and Hamlet. The theatre is always busy and well worth the trip out of the cold in order to attend.

As if the theatres were not enough to keep you entertained there are many other things to do in town. You can spend a day walking the many streets and roads of the town. This can bring you into contact with history as you will see the very first public houses such as the Charterhouse and the present day Lord Digbys. The churches in the area are also worth a visit, with the Stone of Holmwood and Sandringham Palace available to view from the street.

To keep fit and healthy there are many local leisure activities to choose from. The Pudding Mill runs on a rotational basis and has ten different flavours of pudding. There are regular Saturday potlucks at the local pub which will allow you to socialize with others who live close to you. There are also horse riding, sailing and canoeing classes at local colleges and institutions.

A lovely feature of this little town is the ‘Dogs’ as they call them here. There are a number of different breeds of dog scattered around. There are even a couple of small clubs for dog ownership, so if you have a furry friend you can join and show off to your friends! Coventry also has a number of gardens that you can stroll through, all of them with their own owners.

For those who enjoy a bit of culture and history a trip to the Science Museum would be worth making. Inside there is the Medieval Cave with its impressive rock formation. The impressive Quarry National Park is situated nearby. Finally there is the Roman Theatre which is a beautifully restored theatre once used for the stage. All of these attractions are easily accessible from the centre of Coventry. The central location of the city means that it is just as easy to get anywhere from here as it is to eat and shop.

You will not want to miss out on any of the great festivals which are held in this town throughout the year. The Coventry Playhouse Theater and the West End Theatre are both located nearby. In June there is the Coventry International festival. So make your way to this beautiful town to soak up some sun whilst enjoying the great things this town has to offer.

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