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Why I Love OgyMogy Cell Phone Spyware As A Corporate Worker

I have been told that I am the rudest and cruel nature boss my subordinates have ever seen in their lifetime of the job. Some employees have directly recorded their protest, others give me the silent treatment, some have tried to use the technology and I receive tons of spam messages on daily basis on my social media accounts. But the thing is I believe it’s part of my job.

Being hard on employees and pushing their limits up to such an extent that increase their productivity and polish their skills is in reality is a win-win situation for both parties. It’s just that everyone gets ready to honestly play their part and give their one hundred percent that this whole thing will just be considered justified work and not some injustice.

Anyway, I hope one day all of my employees will understand my pure intentions until then let me continue with my inequity and cruel behavior. So many of you will be thinking that why am I the bad boss. Have I overburdened my employees, am I bad with emergency holidays or general behavior, Is the workplace promote gender discrimination, race or color issues, so on and so forth.

Well, let me clarify my position once and for all. The rumors of me being a nasty and terrible boss started when I decided to give employee monitoring software the OgyMogy a try at the workplace. You all must have heard about the successful use of employee monitoring software and their features for keeping an eye on the employee’s work-related activities.

That was the reason that turned most of my employees upset. Let me remind you, folks, it is the basic right of an employer to monitor the employees through the company’s owned devices, and for the record, it is completely fine.

Many of you who belongs to the employee community does not like this idea in general but believe me it is not that bad. Here are some of the reasons why as an employer I love the cellphone spyware OgyMogy.

I Can Directly Watch Their Screen:

Ever thought about how much time we waste on just setting an environment before starting the real work like searching a youtube playlist or trying to find the website that offers live coverage of the football or rugby match.

Well, that’s the harsh reality but when you know that boss might be watching your screen then I am sure you will not dare to waste the time. That is the perk of the using cellphone spyware app. The screen monitoring feature offers real-time reporting of the screen activities of the target to the user.

I Know Their Plans:

Managing the crew and daily work routine is the responsibility of the employers and the OgyMogy helps us in it. Remote access to the built-in calendar of the target gadget lets us know about the schedule plans, birthdays, holidays, and so-called emergency sick leave. Use the cellphone spyware and know the plan accordingly.

Ban Social media In Working Hours:

If some of the organizations have no social media usage policy during working hours and you are finding it hard to apply that rule then here is some help. The cellphone spyware offers a complete set of packages that monitors all the social media activities of the target for the user.

Now you can know if someone uploaded a photo on  Instagram or gossip about some affair on Facebook. Use Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, Tumblr spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Kik spy app, and many more for this purpose.

Privacy and Safety First:

Make sure no employee dares to share important or corporate ideas or documents with any illegal person or outsider. The OgyMogy cellphone spyware lets the user know about any suspicious activity.

Keylogging feature records all the keystrokes applied on the target gadget thus you can access all kinds of accounts and know about their password. Monitor the email correspondence and keep an eye on the attachment details as well by using this wonderful feature.

Give the Mac and Windows versions a try as well as OgyMogy is not just a typical cellphone spyware app. Monitor the employees through all the company-owned gadgets i.e personal computers, laptops,  and tablets.

Stella Logan
Stella Logan
Stella is a senior writer and blogger who loves to write about spy apps for kids and employees. Currently, she is working on a tech bug that provides unbiased best spy app reviews of different monitoring software.
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